Travel Mammography Jobs | LRS Healthcare
LRS Healthcare's mammography jobs come with great benefits whether you choose a full-time or travel job. We're always recruiting technicians. Apply today.
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Traveling Mammography Tech Jobs

We Provide Incredible Opportunities for Mammography Technologists

LRS Healthcare, an industry leader in medical staffing, is dedicated to helping you achieve all that you want to achieve in a career as a Mammography Technician. More than just a job placement service, LRS Healthcare can provide amazing experiences that coincide with your medical career, including the opportunity to live in amazing cities around the country doing what you love.

LRS Healthcare is equipped to help you find a Mammography job that fits exactly what you’re looking for, whether you’re interested in a traveling job, a local contract, per diem, or a permanent position.

We Don’t Waste Any Time

We won’t waste your time by making you wait for us to contact you. As soon as you submit your Skills Assessment Test for being a Mammography Technologist, we assign an LRS Healthcare Representative to your application. Our applicants will be contacted quickly, sometimes within the very same day they submit their assessment. We know you’re ready to start your next job as a Mammography Tech, so we get right to work for you on your job placement.

We Market Our Employees

LRS Healthcare has become a well-recognized and respected name in the medical staffing industry, but we don’t just rely on our reputation to get you a great job. Our team of recruiters are excellent at pursuing open positions and will actively market your abilities to potential employers in order to get you the Mammography job you deserve.

We’re Here For You

At LRS Healthcare, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our medical employees. Throughout the extent of your time with us, you’ll work with the same recruiter that contacted you following your application. This will allow you to establish a strong relationship with your recruiter that will help them better serve you throughout your employment.

Incredible Benefits


Receive insurance from a nationally respected PPO, so you'll be covered whether you're at home or on the road for a new job assignment. Enjoy great coverage for medical, dental, and vision, anywhere in the country.


Whether you accept a traveling position or a permanent Mammography position, LRS will provide you with fully furnished private housing or a housing stipend. You can even customize your furnishings to fit your taste and style, and it will be provided in your housing package.

Licensure Reimbursement

Don't let state licenses dictate where you work as a Mammography Tech. If you need to get a new license for a job placement, we'll reimburse the costs. LRS can provide you with licensing information for all 50 states so you'll know what you need to take care of before you accept any new positions.

Continuing Education

At LRS Healthcare, we know that you need to maintain certain educational certifications as a medical professional. We can help you find, schedule, and pay for any certifications that are pertinent to retaining your status as a Certified Medical Professional.

Long-Term and Short Term Disability

In the medical care industry, your job will require you to be physically healthy enough to perform daily activities. Disability coverage will ensure that you will have a supplemented income in case of an accident that prevents you from working.

Life Insurance

We offer inexpensive life insurance policies that will help you leave something behind for your loved ones.

Referral Bonus

You'll receive a $250 referral bonus anytime you refer someone to LRS, whether they're a traveling or permanent employee. After they complete six weeks of their assignment, you'll be paid immediately.

24-Hour Support

Any time you call, you'll reach an LRS Healthcare Representative who can help you with any issues. For more urgent needs, you'll also be given an emergency contact number for your personal recruiter that you can use any time of the day.


LRS employees are able to take full advantage of a generous match on their 401k and are able to become fully vested after their initial investment. With the flexibility to pick your own contribution and the ability to roll your plan over at any time, saving for retirement is easy!

Are you ready to take the next step?