The [BEAT] Goes On

Cardiovascular Professionals Help It Happen

Celebrate your role in healthcare with heart.

When our tickers tock funny, you help keep us running.

Credit is due in spades, and we want the world to know you’re a proud (and super cool) cardiovascular professional.

Let us send you a complimentary sticker in celebration of the skills you bring to all things cardiovascular every day.
Rep your radness on just about anything–your car, clipboard, laptop, wherever. The sticker and the shipping are on us!

Beat Goes On

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American Heart Month 2019

Knowledge. Awareness. Prevention.

In addition to celebrating the healthcare professionals specializing in heart health and heart care, each of us play a vital role in our own preventative care.

Let’s all do our part to know personal risk factors, raise awareness about heart health and urge Americans to lower their risks for developing heart disease by practicing preventative habits so #TheBeatGoesOn.