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Are you an adventurous occupational or physical therapist? LRS Healthcare's traveling medical jobs offer great benefits and chances to travel. Apply today.
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Travel Therapy Jobs

You can further your career in the medical therapy industry in a number of ways through LRS Healthcare. As a leading medical staffing agency, we will help you find a job that fits all of your needs and career goals. Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent position, LRS Healthcare provides you with endless opportunities and strong benefits.

We will help you find the medical therapy job that’s right for you. Local contract jobs, permanent placement, or traveling jobs are all right here at LRS Healthcare, and we are excited to assist you! The need for qualified employees in the medical therapy field are on the rise. Become an employee of LRS Healthcare and find your dream job in the medical therapy industry today!

occupational therapist

Occupational Therapy Jobs

If your passion is helping individuals through a recovery process or helping them maintain a current lifestyle, LRS Healthcare wants to help you find a hospital or medical center that would be a perfect fit for your career goals as an occupational therapist.

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physical therapist

Physical Therapy Jobs

Do you love to travel? LRS Healthcare will help you find a physical therapy job in one of your favorite cities or in a city you have never been, but have always wanted to see. Our flexible career options help you take a step in the right direction when it comes to advancing your career as a physical therapist.

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