Pharmacy and Pharmacy Technician Jobs

If you’re looking for a pharmacist job or pharmacy technician job, LRS has one that will further your career.

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LRS Healthcare Has Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician Jobs Just Right for You

As an industry-leading medical staffing agency, LRS Healthcare gets you connected with opportunities in pharmacy close to home or across the country.

Pharmacist jobs are in demand throughout the USA, as are pharmacy technician jobs. We have developed solid relationships with hospitals and pharmacies everywhere, and we can place you in your next role as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician. With LRS Healthcare, you have choices of where and how you want to work in pharmacy. We are a healthcare staffing agency that offers you extreme flexibility. If you want a permanent position, a contract position, or a travel position, you’ll find one through LRS Healthcare.

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Pharmacist jobs and pharmacy technician jobs we can help you land:

Hospital Pharmacist Staff

Pharmacist Pharmacy Field Auditor

Outpatient Pharmacist

Outpatient Pharmacy Technician

Certified Casual Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician Infusion Services

Fast Response Times

When you apply for pharmacist jobs or pharmacy technician jobs with LRS Healthcare and take a Skills Assessment Test for either, you’ll hear back from us within 24-hours. You deserve better than waiting around for a week or longer to hear from a medical staffing agency. We know you don’t want to put your life or career on hold, so we get to work immediately locating the jobs that fit your desires and skill set. You’ll see our response times are much faster than just about any other healthcare staffing agency.

We Actively Market Our Applicants

In order to decrease placement time, we don’t hesitate in marketing you to our affiliated hospitals, pharmacies and health care facilities. We reach out directly to those who need our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. You’ll also be paired up with an assigned recruiter who will work to match you with available jobs that fit your needs.

We Commit To You Long-Term

The recruiter that you are paired with will stay matched up with you over your entire relationship with LRS Healthcare. They’ll get to know your needs in-depth and will be there to meet them. Even if your take a placement test with another firm and come back to LRS, we will be there to work with you to find additional pharmacy jobs at any time. We value you as an employee and we put a premium on building and enhancing our relationship with you.

We Offer an Attractive List of Benefits



Our provider of health, dental and vision benefits is a nationally recognized PPO and is accepted everywhere across the country. You’ll be covered no matter what job you accept or where it is.


Wherever you take a pharmacist job or pharmacy technician job, LRS Healthcare finds you fully furnished private housing or will provide a housing stipend. It doesn’t matter if it’s across the state or across the country. Plus, you’ll get customized housing that features the amenities you request. You’ll receive photos, contact info and the exact address so you can approve your housing before accepting it.

Licensure Reimbursement

Updating licensures is easy as a LRS Healthcare employee. We’ll provide you with the licensing information for every state if you need it, prior to or after taking the placement test with LRS Healthcare. You will also be reimbursed for any costs you incur updating any required licenses.

Continuing Education

As a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, keeping up on your medical certifications is a must. LRS Healthcare helps you locate, schedule and pay for any certifications to maintain your professional status in the field of pharmacy.

Long-Term and Short Term Disability Insurance

LRS Healthcare offers all of our employees long-term and short-term disability benefits. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you will still receive supplemental income if you are unable to work due to an accident.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important benefit option and we’re glad to offer it to our employees. Assuring your loved ones that you will leave something behind for them provides additional peace of mind.


LRS employees can take advantage of a generous match on their 401k and are able to become fully vested after their initial investment. With the flexibility to pick your own contribution and the ability to roll your plan over at any time, saving for retirement has never been easier!

Referral Bonus

When you offer others LRS Healthcare as their medical staffing solution, you’ll receive a $250 bonus when they complete six weeks on assignment. It doesn’t matter if they take a pharmacy job or another allied health position.


24-Hour Support

Once hired through LRS Healthcare, all of our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians receive a phone number they can call 24 hours a day and can speak to one of our representatives. We are here for you any time, day or night.