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As an industry leader in medical staffing, LRS Healthcare is dedicated to providing you with so much more than a new job.

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Experience the advantage of increased opportunities in all Allied Health professions, as well as amazing new life experiences that go along with furthering your career.

LRS Healthcare is well-equipped to help you find a career in Allied Health that fits your life goals, whether that’s a full time position, a per diem contract, or a traveling position. We will take your career to the next level.

female medical lab tech

Medical Lab Technician Jobs

If your passion lies in medical lab work, LRS Healthcare is here to provide tons of career opportunities as a medical lab technician all over the country. Combine your career ambitions with amazing life experiences by starting a traveling career or by accepting a permanent position in the city of your dreams.

female mammographer

Mammography Jobs

If you’re passionate about saving lives with early diagnosis and the detection of potential breast cancer, LRS Healthcare is here to help you establish a rewarding career as a mammographer. We offer flexible career options that fit exactly what you’re looking for in a mammography career, whether that’s a traveling job or a permanent position.

female surgical technician wearing mask

Surgical Technician Jobs

If your expertise lies in the organization of an operating room, LRS Healthcare is able to provide amazing career opportunities and experiences for OR technicians. Use your organization, attention to detail, and work ethic to take your career to new heights with LRS.

male radiation technologist with patient

Radiation Technologist Jobs

Medical imaging is a powerful tool in today’s healthcare industry, which is why being a radiation technologist is such a rewarding experience. LRS Healthcare offers outstanding career opportunities around the nation for radiation technologists in both traveling and permanent positions.

sonographer completing ultrasound

Sonographer Jobs

If your skill set is in utilizing ultrasound technology for the early diagnosis of health issues, LRS Healthcare is able to provide rewarding career opportunities as a sonographer. With our flexible career options, you can find a job as a traveling sonographer or accept a permanent position in the city of your dreams.

vascular technologist checking patient's blood pressure

Vascular Technologist Jobs

If you’re skilled in non-invasive vascular testing and imaging in the diagnosis of vascular-related health issues, LRS Healthcare is here to take your career as a vascular technologist to the next level. Explore career opportunities all around the country in both traveling and permanent positions.

radiation therapist with patient

Radiation Therapy Jobs

If your expertise is in radiation therapy, LRS Healthcare will assist you in finding a job at a respected medical facility or cancer center that best suits your skill set. Your knowledge of administering radiation therapy treatments to fight cancer and other diseases will be valuable no matter where your employment with LRS Healthcare takes you.

respiratory therapist with pediatric patient

Respiratory Therapy Jobs

As a respiratory therapist, treating individuals with asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, and other respiratory traumas is your specialty. Respiration therapists can take their career anywhere with LRS Healthcare. Our flexible career options give you the choice of exploring either a traveling or permanent position.

medical technician working with samples

Medical Technologist Jobs

Your passion for harnessing the power of science to provide healing healthcare leads to a world of incredible opportunities, and LRS Healthcare has them, coast to coast. Whether you are looking to work across town or across the country, we will help you find your next position. Use your laboratory skills and enjoy life working in a part of the country you’ve always wanted to visit or stay close to home.

cath lab technologist wearing purple scrubs

Cath Lab Technologist Jobs

If you are trying to kick off your career as a catheterization laboratory technician, start with LRS Healthcare. As an industry leader in medical staffing, LRS provides you with cath lab technician opportunities all over the country. The demand for medical technicians has never been higher, and you are ready to start your career. Let LRS Healthcare place you in the career field you’ve always wanted.