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As an industry leader in medical staffing, LRS provides you with cath lab technician opportunities all over the country.

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Find The Best Traveling Cath Lab Tech Opportunities with LRS Healthcare

If you are trying to kick off your career as a catheterization laboratory technician, start with LRS Healthcare. As an industry leader in medical staffing, LRS provides you with opportunities all over the country. The demand for Cath Lab Technicians has never been higher, resulting in travel opportunities that offer incredible experiences along with great pay. Take your career to new places as a traveling cath lab tech with LRS Healthcare.

Enjoy the Benefits that Only Cath Lab Tech Travel Jobs with LRS Can Offer

As a traveling cath lab tech, you have the freedom to work wherever you’d like. As a nationwide staffing agency, LRS Healthcare can find you a position near your current home, wherever you’ve always dreamed of calling home, close to friends or family, or wherever makes you happy. In addition, we can take your career and salary to new heights. With relationships with the best facilities nationwide, great pay rates, and incredible benefits including housing, traveling through LRS creates new opportunities for you.

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We Work Quickly

LRS Healthcare will contact you within 24 hours of submitting an application or skills assessment, which is a much quicker response time than most healthcare companies. There’s no time to waste when it comes to finding your next placement, so we won’t keep you waiting.

We Get the Word Out About You

LRS Healthcare actively markets each of its cath lab applicants by reaching out directly to top medical facilities, resulting in efficient job placement. But you’re not just a number. All applicants are assigned to an LRS recruiter who works with cath lab applicants to match skills with jobs that will be an excellent fit.

We’re Here For You

The LRS recruiter to whom you are assigned will remain your recruiter throughout your entire time with LRS. Recruiters get to know you better as you continue with the company and are available 24/7. We understand that a career in the medical field is much more than a job, so maintaining a strong relationship with each employee is top priority at LRS.

We Have Incredible Benefits



The LRS insurance provider has health, vision, and dental plans that keep you covered in any part of the country you are placed in.


No matter what state you live in or move to, LRS can arrange fully furnished private housing, or you can choose to receive a housing stipend instead. Because moving to a completely new city can be a challenge, we also provide photos and contact information so you can approve your housing before you arrive.

Licensure Reimbursement

During your time with LRS, we will reimburse the cost of any licensure renewal. Don’t worry about working in a different state either, as we will cover the cost of certification for a new state. Your LRS recruiter will work closely with you to ensure you are always properly certified.

Continuing Education

Remaining current on your certifications and expanding your knowledge is critical in the medical field. Your LRS recruiter will work with you to find, arrange, and pay for any certifications to maintain your status as a catheterization laboratory technician.

Long-Term and Short Term Disability Insurance

Peace of mind for our employees and their families is of the utmost importance. In the event that you become unable to work for a period of time, LRS offers Long-Term and Short-Term Disability to supplement your income as you recover.

Life Insurance

Because your peace of mind is important to us, we’ve made it simple and affordable to ensure that your family is taken care of in the event of a tragedy.


Retirement is important too, so we offer a competitive 401k plan with a generous company match. You’ll be fully vested after an initial investment and will have the flexibility to choose your contribution and roll over your plan whenever you need to.

Referral Bonus

Anytime you refer someone to LRS, you will receive a $250 bonus after that person’s sixth week of work. A referral does not have to be catheterization lab technician. A referral can be for any licensed medical professional.


24-Hour Support

We realize that as a medical professional, you are subject to working strange hours. So when you take a Cath Lab Technician position with LRS, you are given an emergency contact number that enables to reach your recruiter at any time of the day.

Choosing LRS Healthcare as Your Traveling Cath Lab Tech Agency

When choosing a staffing agency, you don’t want to be treated like a contract that’s passed around from account manager to account manager. Your staffing agency should know you. They should know what you’re looking for and what makes you happy. That only comes with a true relationship and an agency that cares about their employees. That’s what we’ve built LRS Healthcare on.

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