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LRS Healthcare will help you find Medical Technologist job opportunities that fit exactly what you’re looking for.

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We Provide Incredible Travel Opportunities for Medical Technologists

LRS Healthcare is an industry leader when it comes to medical staffing! Dedicated to helping you find so much more than your next job, we can also provide new experiences that correlate with your career as a traveling Medical Technologist.

Enjoy the Advantages that Only Travel Med Tech Jobs Can Offer

Experience more and make more as a traveling medical technologist. With the ability to work at some of the best facilities across the United States, you have the opportunity to work in your dream city, take an assignment near family, or explore America. And you can do all of this while making great money. With high pay rates and excellent benefits including housing, traveling with LRS is your opportunity to take your career to new places.

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We Don’t Waste Any Time

As soon as you submit the Skills Assessment Test for being a Medical Technologist, LRS immediately begins to work through your application to assess your strengths and abilities. We understand that applicants don’t want to be kept waiting any longer than necessary, so we contact you as soon as possible, sometimes within the very same day.

We Market Our Employees

LRS Healthcare is connected to leading medical facilities and hospitals all across the world. We are committed to marketing your abilities and strengths to the best in the medical field. After signing on with LRS Healthcare, you’ll be paired with a personal recruiter who will promote your skill set to top industry professionals, helping you land your next job as a Medical Technologist.

We’re Here For You

LRS Healthcare is committed to building a long-term, professional relationship with you. LRS Healthcare wants to see you succeed in a field you love. When the timeline of your first traveling Med Tech job with us comes to a close, your recruiter is already working to match you with a new position in your field in the location of your choice.

We Offer Incredible Benefits



No matter where your Medical Technologist job is located in the country, you can receive excellent coverage for dental, medical, and vision from our affordable insurance provider.


Even though your location may change, LRS Healthcare will always provide you with furnished private housing or a housing stipend every time you move. You’ll receive pictures of the housing and its address beforehand in order for you to approve it before you move in.

Licensure Reimbursement

You’ll be reimbursed for any licensure you obtain prior to an assignment with LRS Healthcare. If you get a Medical Technologist job in a new state that requires a license, we’ll give you all the information required for a new license, including application info, time frames, and more.

Life Insurance

LRS Healthcare offers affordable life insurance coverage to assure the security of your family and their well-being.

Long-Term and Short Term Disability Insurance

When something unexpected happens, LRS Healthcare provides both long-term and short-term disability if you’re ever left unable to work for a certain period of time.


LRS employees are able to take advantage of a generous match on their 401k and are able to become fully vested after their initial investment. With the flexibility to pick your own contribution and the ability to roll your plan over at any time, saving for retirement has never been easier!

Referral Bonus

Know someone else interested in a medical technologist job or other areas of the healthcare industry? Refer them to LRS Healthcare and you’ll receive a $250 referral bonus after they complete the sixth week of their assignment.


24-Hour Support

You can reach out to a LRS Healthcare representative at all hours of the day. Once you are officially employed by LRS, you’ll receive a 24-hour emergency number to contact your recruiter with any questions or concerns you may have.

Choosing LRS Healthcare as Your Traveling Medical Technologist Agency

<>When searching for an agency for your next traveling medical technologist job, you want a team that will truly support you and your needs. A team that cares about your career and your happiness. A team that doesn’t treat you like a contract, but treats you like part of the family. That’s exactly how we operate at LRS Healthcare. Our focus is on you. You’ll build a strong relationship with a dedicated recruiter who will get to know you and your needs. No getting passed around from account manager to account manager. Because of this approach, our employees keep coming back to us time and time again.

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