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Grow your career as a Radiation Therapist by finding an exciting opportunity through LRS Healthcare.

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There Is No Shortage of Travel Radiation Therapist Opportunities at LRS Healthcare

Grow your career as a Radiation Therapist by finding exciting travel opportunities through LRS Healthcare. We’re a leading healthcare staffing agency that’s fully committed to you as an employee. You’ll be able to search through our many opportunities in the field of radiation therapy. The available jobs are right here close to home or in the areas you have always wanted to live.

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LRS Responds Quickly

Once you submit a Radiation Therapy Skills Assessment on our site, you’ll be notified of the Radiation Therapist jobs for which you qualify within 24 hours. We value your time and your goals. We know you don’t want to wait a week or more for a response. As a leading medical staffing agency, we serve both you and our affiliated facilities with fast placement.

We Actively Market Our Candidates

We don’t waste time in getting the word out about you. We have strong relationships with facilities nationwide that need to fill Radiation Therapist jobs and actively reach out to them with your skill set, decreasing placement time. Additionally, once you apply and test with LRS Healthcare, we assign a recruiter that works directly with you to help get you placed in your desired position and location.

LRS Always Thinks Long-Term Relationships

The recruiter we pair up with you will always be your liaison to us throughout your entire relationship with LRS. This one-on-one pairing helps us get to know your needs better and get you placed faster. Even if you take a position with another firm and then return to LRS, they’ll be here for you to help you land additional placements. We put a premium on truly getting to know – and meet – your needs, and building a strong relationship with you.

Enjoy the Benefits That Only a Traveling Radiation Therapy Job Offers

By becoming a traveling Radiation Therapist with LRS Healthcare, you enjoy the ability to work wherever you’d like, whether that’s where the most money is, in places you’ve always dreamed of visiting or living, where the weather is the best, or near friends and family. Along with the incredible benefit of the freedom to work where you prefer, you also have the opportunity to grow your salary. With great pay, incredible housing benefits, and more, travel Radiation Therapy jobs can take your career to new places and new heights.

Attractive Benefits

Because we’re a healthcare staffing agency that cares about its employees, we offer a full range of benefits that’s tough to beat. See all that we offer!



Our PPO for health, dental and vision is accepted throughout the USA. You’ll be covered whether you work at home, across the state or across the country.


No matter where you accept a placement, LRS finds you private, fully furnished housing. Or, if you prefer, you can receive a housing stipend. We’ll make sure your chosen living space has the amenities you want. You will also receive the address, contact info and interior photos so you can approve your housing before accepting it.

Licensure Reimbursement

If you need to update any Radiation Therapy licensures before or after being placed, LRS Healthcare will cover your costs as well as provide you with all of the necessary information.

Continuing Education

As a Radiation Therapist, keeping up on medical certifications maintains your marketability. We help you locate, schedule and pay for needed certifications in the field of Radiation Therapy.

Long-Term and Short Term Disability Insurance

We offer all LRS Healthcare employees both long-term and short-term disability benefits. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll receive supplemental income should you not be able to work.

Life Insurance

Our effort to provide peace of mind for employees extends to life insurance. You’ll feel good knowing that your loved ones will have something that you leave behind.


LRS employees are able to advantage of a generous match on their 401k and are able to become fully vested after their first investment. With the flexibility to pick your own contribution and the ability to roll your plan over any time you want, saving for retirement has never been easier!

Referral Bonus

Everyone likes a bonus. When you refer anyone to LRS Healthcare, you’ll get $250 after they complete six weeks of employment. It doesn’t matter if they are a Radiation Therapist or take another position in allied health.


24-Hour Support

Once you take placement with LRS Healthcare, we provide you a phone number where you can speak to an LRS representative any time 24 hours a day. We’re here for you, day or night.

Why LRS Healthcare is Your Traveling Radiation Therapy Agency

We believe in taking a different approach as a staffing agency. You aren’t just another contract to us. You aren’t going to get passed to countless account managers during your time with us. We just don’t operate that way. We believe in providing you with the best experience possible. We want to take your career as a travel Radiation Therapist to new heights. That’s why we emphasize relationships so strongly. With one recruiter working with you at all times, we get to know you, your preferences, your needs, and simply what makes you happy. We’re here for you when you need us, and we’re your advocate every step of the way. That’s what makes LRS Healthcare the staffing agency that you can count on.

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