Becoming a Healthcare Traveler for the Right Reasons

Jul 28, 2021 | Allied Healthcare, Travel Nursing

When you dedicate your life to a career you enjoy, keep in mind the right reasons for doing so, and avoid doing it for the wrong reasons. Learn more about Jane Nofuente’s compelling story of why she wanted to become a healthcare traveler and four heartfelt reasons to become a healthcare traveler.

Jane Nofuente – Clinical Lab Specialist

I had this passion of being a Scientist and serving my patients with accuracy and proficiency the moment I knew that my mom passed away due to clerical error. She passed away when I was 10 years old. Growing up with so much pain of being motherless I promised myself that someday I will be a good healthcare worker like my sister. I want to save lives and take good care of sick people. I Know that the Lord has called me to be in this field, and I want to serve my purpose here on earth. All for God’s Glory.”

#1 Grow Professionally

“I’m able to widen my knowledge as a professional and as an individual. I learned that for me to be able to learn new things again I need to unlearn and humble myself to accept teachings and new trainings from my colleagues.”

Take on a new challenge and expand your professional horizons. You will gain new skills being able to work in several various medical settings, ranging from a trauma 1 hospital to a rural hospital. It is possible that a specialty you’re interested in is not available where you live.

#2 Freedom and Flexibility           

“As we all know being a traveler is a constant move to different assignments which leads me to be more flexible.”

Enjoy the work-life balance that comes with being a travel healthcare professional, as well as the chance to see new cities that you would not be able to see otherwise. Put yourself first and take that weekend trip in your new city. Travelers can take time off between assignments to spend time with family and friends or take a long getaway.

#3 Develop New Friendships

“My biggest takeaway as a traveler is that I gained new colleagues and new experiences in life as an individual.  I guess that is priceless.”

Whether it’s interacting with new people and cultures, meeting colleagues from other institutions, or making friends from outside working hours, travel healthcare professionals have the unique opportunity to meet people they wouldn’t normally meet. Make lasting relationships with the people you meet, so you can enjoy their company every time you return.

#4 Avoid Burnout

Being a traveler taught me to adapt with the environment I am in and to impart also the skills and knowledge that I learned from my previous experiences.”

If you are burnt out at your current workplace, this may be an opportunity for you to continue to provide exceptional care and knowledge in places where they are understaffed. Be open to starting up your career in these understaffed institutions. Don’t miss out on a valuable opportunity that doesn’t come around very often in other professions.