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Here’s Why You Should Plan Your 2022 Travel Assignments (Today)

Dec 8, 2021 | Allied Healthcare, Travel Nursing

The leisure and business travel industry is slowly making a comeback, and 2022 is predicted to be busier than pre-pandemic times. This is great news for the economy; however, with lower employment rates across all industries, traveling could look a lot different.

Recently, the FDA approved a low-dose COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5-11, and approved COVID-19 boosters for all eligible adults. As a result, there’s been an increase of those vaccinated, and with reopening the nation’s borders there is a renewed interest in traveling.

The increased unemployment rates mean there are fewer trained personnel who are qualified and able to do the jobs that are in high demand, such as healthcare and travel professions. Healthcare professionals have seen this firsthand for nearly 2 years, and while the travel industry has dealt with similar cutbacks, there’s been a drastic decrease in demand for reasons including travel restrictions, and a fear of traveling in and of itself.

2022 Travel Expectations and Predictions

As the travel industry rebuilds and more people regain confidence in exploring new cities, there’s still a great chance staffing shortages will affect travel operations leading to increased travel costs, travel time, and a decrease in flight availability. According to Travel + Leisure, 2022 travel is expected to be even busier than pre-pandemic times. So, what can you expect when traveling as a healthcare worker in 2022? We’re making the following predictions:

  1. Higher demand and an increased confidence in leisure travel
  2. Travel and hospitality staffing shortages continue to affect available flights and costs
  3. Longer TSA lines (fewer employees means fewer, longer lines)
  4. Overcrowded terminals
  5. Increase in delayed flights and cancellations


Planning ahead as a healthcare traveler is more important now, than ever. By mapping out your first two travel assignments now, you can potentially save hundreds in air and travel costs, not to mention have peace of mind knowing what’s to come, and when.

Get ahead of the crowds and start thinking how you’d like your new year to look, feel, taste and smell. Are you having East Coast vibes? Southern home-style food cravings? Dreams of exploring the Pacific Northwest? Take action action and make it happen!


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4 Tips to Plan Your 2022 Healthcare Travel Assignments


1. Secure your first two travel assignments for 2022 (do this now!).

While there’s a special kind of thrill that comes with committing to your next travel assignment a few weeks before you start, there’s something to be said about planning ahead and the security of knowing what’s next. It’s been proven that planning decreases the stress hormone cortisol and improves your overall mood.

It can take a few weeks for the application process and background checks so start browsing for your 2022 travel assignments and apply today!

2. Book your flights ahead of time.

Not only will you save gobs of money by booking your flights as soon as possible (once you have your start date, of course), it is progress in making your long-term plans a reality. Without a plan, follow-through suffers and the odds of backing out of your assignment for one reason or another. Take the appropriate steps to keep your travel assignment moving in the right direction. Keeping yourself accountable will only benefit you in the long run. You will also have something to seriously look forward to!

3. Prepare for longer lines.

Expect to spend (a lot of) time in line, even if you have TSA PreCheck. The idea behind skipping the line is great, but it’s no longer a well-kept secret. As airports start to see near pre-pandemic crowds, it is time to reinstate the “arrive 2 hours early” rule of thumb. Travel is much less stressful when you’re not panicked about missing your flight due to waiting in long security lines.

Pro tip: don’t forget to download your favorite Spotify playlists, Netflix shows and Audible books to binge while you kill some time.

4. Research your new city.

Plan now, explore later. Take some time to look up a bucket list of activities to do while you’re on your first (or second) 2022 healthcare travel assignments. Put a list together of the local coffee shops, bars and restaurants you’d like to visit, search for nearby hiking trails to explore, and Google options for cozy temporary housing.


The odds are slim that you’ll regret thinking ahead and putting a plan together for your healthcare career. Find your next healthcare travel assignment now so you can breathe easy as you kick-start 2022 with adventure!

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