Are you a mammography technologist wanting to explore new career opportunities in your field? Perhaps you’ve given some thought to becoming a traveling mammographer. Whenever you’re considering new moves in a career, it always helps to compare a list of pros and cons for any potential change.

There are many amazing benefits to travel mammography jobs, but just like any other job it might not be a good fit for everyone. Take a look at this quick list of the pros and cons of a career as a traveling mammography tech to see if this job is right for you.

Pros of Being a Traveling Mammography Tech

Take Your Career on the Road

One of the most notable benefits of being a traveling mammography technologist is the ability to see many places around the country while earning a paycheck. For travel enthusiasts who work in the field of mammography, it’s a perfect match.

Travel healthcare positions usually operate on 13-week assignments that can take you almost anywhere in the country. Staffing agencies work with you to find job openings, and you have the freedom to choose the assignments that fit your interests. It’s a great way to truly experience many of the great cities in the country.

Earn a Bigger Paycheck

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the median radiologic technologist salary in 2016 was $58,960, while provides a more job-specific statistic by listing the average mammography technologist salary at $66,842. Traveling mammography technologists have the opportunity to earn an even higher salary.

In many cases, a traveling mammography tech can earn a higher base salary than one in a permanent position. Due to the nature of traveling healthcare jobs being in high-demand areas or hospitals, they generally have to offer higher wages to find talent quickly. Plus, many of these job assignments come with either free housing or a housing stipend, which can substantially increase a mammography tech’s take-home pay. Throw in the potential to earn various bonuses, and it’s no surprise why traveling mammography technologists are able to earn more money than those working a permanent position.

Find More Job Opportunities

Another benefit that comes with a career as a traveling mammography tech is that you can more easily find places where your skills are in high demand. While all radiologic technologist jobs are growing at a faster than average rate nationwide according to the BLS, there are always going to be states or cities with higher demand.

As a traveling mammography technologist, you can more easily find jobs in states with higher demand, which often corresponds to a higher potential salary. Here’s a list of the states with the employment level for all radiologic technologists, according to the BLS:

  • California
  • Texas
  • New York
  • Florida
  • Pennsylvania

If you’re interested in maximizing your earning potential, you can choose to seek out job opportunities in states that offer the highest wages for mammography technologists. Here are the highest paying states for all types of radiologic technologists and their median salary, according to BLS:

  • District of Columbia – $76,270
  • California – $76,060
  • Massachusetts – $71,100
  • Washington – $68,830
  • Oregon – $68,780

The bottom line is that being a traveling mammography technologist allows you the freedom to find job opportunities that best fit what you’re looking for. You can find a job in a high-paying area if you want to maximize your earning potential, or you can simply find a job in a state you’ve always wanted to live in. The choice is yours.

Cons of Being a Travel Mammography Technician

Constantly Changing Work Environments

While many people love the excitement of changing assignments and heading somewhere new, some will discover that adapting to a new working environment every few months can be challenging. Every hospital or clinic has a different layout, different amenities, and, of course, different employees. Being able to adapt is a crucial attribute in a career that can have you on the move frequently.

In addition to a new working environment, you’ll also have to get used to new transportation and shopping in your new city. Some folks who enjoy traveling may not enjoy uprooting their entire lives every 13 weeks.

Fluctuating Pay Rates

While the pay for a traveling mammography tech can be higher than it is for a permanent position, it won’t necessarily be the same for every job assignment. Those who choose this career path will have to have a good grasp of their finances, as their income is likely to change every 13 weeks when they move on to a new contract.

Of course, since housing is usually included, you won’t have to worry about what’s typically the largest monthly bill most people have. For other spending habits, you’ll have to be aware of the cost of living in new areas, as well as your new income so you don’t run the risk of overspending.

It Can Get Lonely

A life on the road can get kind of lonely for some people, which is why many traveling mammography techs bring family or pets along with them on new assignments. Of course, there’s always the option of taking assignments near friends or family all around the country, so you can certainly avoid any cases of being homesick while pursuing this career path. Plus, if you work through a staffing agency like LRS Healthcare, you’ll have a recruiter available 24/7 so you’re never truly alone.

If you’ve weighed all the pros and cons of this career opportunity and have decided that you want to become a traveling mammography technologist, apply with LRS Healthcare today! As an industry leader in allied healthcare staffing, we’re able to connect you to fantastic mammography tech jobs all around the country.