Recent Rehabilitation Therapy Grads, Rejoice—Your Medical Travel Career is Ready for Takeoff

Jul 23, 2019 | Allied Healthcare

You worked hard for that rehabilitation therapy degree, be it in physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), speech language pathology (SLP) or the like. Now’s your chance to adventure hard while establishing a solid career in your chosen medical field.

Those walking the path of rehabilitation therapy serve a vital role in the healthcare community. And traveling PTs, OTs, SLPs, etc., are all about those extra cherries on top:

  • Earning higher average pay.
  • Scheduling flexibility.
  • Immersing one’s self in various cultures.
  • Exploring new cities every few weeks.
  • Sharpening your career skillsets in various healthcare settings.

Here’s a few hows and whys you can and should when consider starting your rehabilitation career on the road with LRS Healthcare.

Earn More Money, Find More Flexibility

Dude, you just graduated. There’s this student loan looming in the background in addition to a serious need for a break. Traveling as a PT, OT or SLP is a huge stepping stone for tackling both simultaneously.

Traveling rehabilitation therapists are expected to earn 40%–60% higher salaries than their full-time, permanent counterparts. Yes, this includes recent grads. Some rehab travelers pay off that mountain of student load debt in as little as two years with the right mindset. That’s HUGE. And, you’re earning that extra income while traveling (wait for it) just about anywhere you want in the U.S. whenever it fits with YOUR schedule.

Need a few days off for a wedding? Maybe you want to take a couple weeks vacationing in Thailand. Want to work back to back? Totally up to you!

With travel therapy, you’re the one in charge of setting goals around how much mula you earn, how often and when you travel to new assignments and how much time you take off between contracts.

LRS Healthcare travelers also receive nationwide healthcare coverage on the first day of the month proceeding hire, housing and continuing education assistance, referral bonuses and more in addition to receiving a dedicated recruiter lookin’ out for your best interests 24/7/365.

Discover New Cultures

Diversity is the spice of life. Recent rehab grads like you are in a unique position to travel coast to coast helping and learning with people from all walks of life. Now’s your chance to hit the road and make enriching professional and personal connections.

Each assignment will present you with the opportunity to grow in so many ways alongside others. And ya know what—they’ll learn from you too!

The opportunities to experience new ways to tailor your approach to providing patient-focused care while immersing yourself in your temporary town’s history, food/music scene and indoor/outdoor adventures are endless.

As a traveling physical therapist, occupational therapist or speech language pathologist, you’re able to spend a few months exploring various cultures, heritages, dialects and deliciousness around you. Each state offers something new and unique unto itself. It’s up to you to take the leap and live your career to the fullest!

Explore While You Build Your Career

When you decide to travel as a career move, you’re offered the opportunity to see the country, all while being paid to do so! Each assignment can move you to a different part of the U.S., show you a new perspective and feed that travel bug inside of you.

Imagine hiking in the Rocky Mountains on your weekend off or rounding out a long shift with a stroll down one of America’s amazing beaches. Yas, please!

Whether you crave small-town open spaces or the bustling big city, the best of all worlds is out there for you to enjoy. Each new rehabilitation therapy assignment you take during your travel career adds to the endless possibilities chosen by you.

Advance Your Education

Travel provides additional hands-on professional development opportunities you may not receive elsewhere. New assignments help travelers gain extensive knowledge from practicing therapists with years of experience in the field.

LRS Healthcare’s team of caring experts also connect medical travelers with learning opportunities, including those continuing education credits and even mentorships. Just speak with your LRS Healthcare recruiter about what specifically you are looking for, and they will be happy to step up and point you in the right direction!

If travel rehab therapy sounds like a strong fit for your future, let’s talk lucrative and rewarding career opportunities