Happy Allied Healthcare Week! In celebration of 60-percent of the United States’ healthcare workforce, the team is reaching out to LRS Healthcare traveling Allied profs to thank them and share a few warm and fuzzy perspectives on why travel + Allied = ah-mazing.

It’s our hope these perspectives resonate with you as a traveling medical professional or friend/family member of a traveler, and we encourage you to share this blog in celebration with us. AND, if you have some warm and fuzzy takes to share, please comment on our Facebook post.

Now, here’s a few reasons why Allied Healthcare travelers love life on the road.

LeeAnn Bond, Cath Lab Tech/IR

“Traveling has helped me gain a greater perspective in life I believe many people will never have the opportunity to understand. It’s given me the experience I need to be able to deal with people from different walks of life, backgrounds and beliefs. My career is the pathway to bigger and better things in my life for me and my family, and being an Allied Healthcare professional has helped me achieve great experiences that will serve me well in my future endeavors.”

LeeAnn also shared a few pics from her and her husband’s time in North America’s Hot Rainforest, Olympic National Forest and Cape Flattery. Looks like good times! 

Allied traveler standing on a road under a curved tree branch in North America's Hot Rainforest Allied traveler and her husband standing together in the Olympic National Forest on a sunny winter dayAllied traveler and her husband standing on a deck alongside a white-capped body of water in Cape Flattery Allied traveler posing in front of a grassy-green valley in Hawaii while visiting Jurassic Park

Amanda Buckland, Phlebotomist

“Being an Allied Healthcare traveler has allowed me to be more out-going and more independent. It’s definitely created a confidence boost with my knowledge of the job.”

Amanda wanted to share a few of her more sporting travel experiences. Game on! 

An allied traveler looking down at a professional ice hockey rink just before a match begins  An allied traveler looking down at a professional ice hockey rink just before a match begins

Joshua Chesson, Cath Lab Tech

Besides getting to meet my LRS Healthcare recruiter 😉, the best part is it’s given me the freedom and mobility to explore new geographic regions and scope out new locations, destinations and living situations. I’m able to see life beyond the restraints of full-time, permanent staffing. Constant change allows me to break free of the bondage of conforming to a traditional/stereotypical “full-time, permanent staffing position.”

Heidi DeArmond, Cath Lab Tech/IR

“The most amazing part of traveling is exploring so many parts of this county. I wouldn’t have had enough vacation or funds to do and see the many amazing things we’ve done without taking this career path.”

Donald Dingle, CT Tech/X-Ray Tech

“The most amazing part of the job is feeling like I matter to the facilities I’ve taken on assignment. The pay is not bad either. The relationships Ive fostered over the years have helped me appreciate different cultures across our nation even more.”

Donald and his wife have seen quite a few pose-worthy places during his career. Here, they’re hanging out in Greece enjoying some vaycay time together. 

Husband and wife posing on a boat in Greece Husband and wife posing in front of a waterfall in Greece


April Durham, Echo Tech

“There are so many amazing things about being a travel Echo Tech. The autonomy it affords me is priceless. It’s also allowed me the great adventure of exploring new cities (big and small) and meeting wonderful people from a variety of backgrounds.”

Erik Gillund, Registered Polysomnographic Tech

“For me, the amazing part of my career is traveling to new areas and being able to see new places. I’ve gained new life and work experiences on things I haven’t seen or had to do before being in this position, which is great.”

Gregory Kuntz, Cath Lab Tech/IR

“The most amazing part of my career is travel and meeting new people/staff. It’s so interesting to see how different parts of the country work and how labs operate and have their own unique skill sets and ways.”

Kristi Muth, Ultrasound Tech

“Traveling has built flexibility and balance into my life. I have picked up some great new hobbies in the places I’ve been. Instead of seeing each new city, state or country as a challenge, I see it as a great adventure! Are YOU ready for your next great adventure?!?” 

If your answer to Kristi’s question is, “yes,” to (continue to) hit the road with LRS Healthcare: