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Top 10 Gifts for Travelers

Dec 1, 2021 | Allied Healthcare, Travel Nursing

We know that buying gifts for frequent travelers can be extremely challenging. Not only because they are constantly in a different city, may already have everything, or you may just not know what they need!

If you’re shopping for a healthcare traveler or fellow healthcare co-worker, and are feeling stumped, we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a list of the Top 10 gift ideas for healthcare travelers. Whether or not they are just beginning their travel healthcare career or have been traveling for years, they will appreciate these gifts.


Quality Footwear

Most healthcare workers are on their feet all day working up to 12-hour shifts. They need high-quality, comfortable sneakers that provide support all day. Shoes are always a great gift for healthcare workers, they are essential for their everyday life and are an extra expense they won’t have to worry about.

The best shoes for healthcare workers are: Not only are these shoes stylish and comfortable, but they are also specifically designed for healthcare!  Clove sneakers are washable, stain/odor-resistant, and have multi-layer support! They will feel like they are walking on clouds!


A Durable Tumbler

A high-quality tumbler is ESSENTIAL for healthcare workers! Whether it’s to keep coffee hot while working a night shift or to stay hydrated throughout long days on their feet.

The best tumbler for healthcare travelers: This Yeti Rambler is perfect for travelers who are constantly on the go! This 20 oz. travel mug is perfect for travelers, it has a stronghold lid—leak resistant elevated handle so that it fits in any cup holder and will keep drinks cold/hot for hours!


A Travel-Friendly Tote/ Backpack

Travel healthcare workers need a tote or backpack not only to carry all their belongings to and from work every day, but it doubles as a great travel bag! You’ll want to consider ordering one large enough to store all the necessities for traveling to or from an assignment or shift. This could include scrubs, stethoscopes, laptops, books, water bottles, facemask, shoes, etc.

The best travel-friendly tote or backpack for healthcare travelers: Knack bags ($245) are designed to help healthcare workers bring everything they need for the day to work, and travel all in one! It is known for its organization of separate pockets for laptops, spare scrubs, daily essentials. Along with travel features: expandable travel compartment, lockable security zippers, and fits perfectly under the seat! The Patagonia Tote ($89) is great for everyday use along with casual travel. This tote is lightweight, durable, weather-resistant, washable, and can be carried as a tote or backpack!


The Trendy Theragun

Being on your feet for 12-hour shifts not only is strenuous but physically wears on the body. While booking a massage is a great gift idea, it may not be the most practical for a healthcare traveler who is constantly moving their place of residence.

A travel-friendly massage gun: Why not gift them a Theragun ($249) massager by Therabody instead? It’s a handheld deep tissue massager they can take anywhere! It has a customizable speed range, 120-minute battery life, comes with a charger and four different attachments! This is a traveler’s DREAM!


A Meal Kit Delivery Service:

Who wants to go grocery shopping or figure out what to make after a long 12-hour shift? No one. That is precisely why gifting a meal kit delivery service is one of the best gifts for healthcare travelers who are always on the go.

Best meal delivery services for travelers: Home delivery services like  Hellofresh and Home Chef offer a variety of meals with pre-portioned ingredients and even no-prep meal options. Gift a healthcare worker a delicious and healthy meal delivered right to their door. It’s a convenient and thoughtful gift that will be greatly appreciated!


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A Roadside Assistance Membership

This may not be the most fun gift to give (or receive), but it is EXTREMELY useful for healthcare travelers! Not only does it provide peace of mind for your road-trip-loving family and friends. It is also something many travelers may not think of themselves. Exploring a new city is fun and full of adventures, including discovering where it’s ok to park without getting towed, as well as where not to park after dark. If something unfortunate happens, roadside assistance could save the day.

The best roadside assistance memberships for travelers: Gifting a Good Sam Roadside Assistance yearlong subscription (Starting at $99.95) guarantees 24/7 Roadside assistance anywhere in the country, with no towing limits, 5 call limits per year, and is free to add a spouse or family member! One of the most appreciated gifts, the gift of peace of mind while traveling to the next adventure.


Cute and Comfortable Compression socks

Looking for a useful but affordable gift for any healthcare worker? Here it is, compression socks! Compression socks are a lifesaver after spending 12 hours standing. They will help improve blood circulation and prevent soreness and pain in the legs. Socks that will give support all day!

The best compression socks for healthcare workers: Compression socks like Bombas ($24) compression socks are a medium level of compression made with a honeycomb arch support system and seamless toe for comfort. Another good option is Figs ($28) compression socks, for light compression with toe and heel padding with completely seamless compression.


A Gift Card for New Scrubs

New scrubs are always a necessity for healthcare workers, as they wear them every day. That is why a gift card for new scrubs is a great idea! It allows them to pick out the scrubs they want while still following the hospital’s approved colors.

The most comfortable scrubs for healthcare pros: Figs are stylish, comfortable, functional, and affordable scrubs that everyone will love. They take the saying “Look your best, perform your best” to a whole new level and make a great gift.


Quality Rolling Luggage

As travelers, they are fairly used to packing up and moving to the next assignment. Therefore, it is extremely helpful to have a reliable and quality set of luggage to transport their belongings to and from each assignment.

The best luggage for healthcare travelers: Samsonite luggage provides some of the most affordable and reliable luggage sets. This Samsonite Two-Piece Hardside Travel Set ($229.99) comes with a carry-on and medium checked bag that are both Hard side, expandable, has a TSA lock for security, and has a 10-year global warranty.


Gift cards

Travelers are constantly on the go to different assignments all over the country. Therefore, gift cards are always appreciated as a gift for travelers. It is best to choose gift cards that can be used anywhere such as Southwest, Amazon, Starbucks, Uber, Lyft, gas stations, grocery stores, and even Airbnb.

The holiday season is the perfect time to express your gratitude and appreciation for our healthcare workers. Especially to those that are working on an assignment and, working the holidays to keep us safe and healthy.


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