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Top Healthcare Worker Brands in 2022

Nov 16, 2022 | Allied Healthcare, Travel Nursing



Let it be known that 2022 was both a year of transition and a return to some kind of normalcy for healthcare workers. With all the changes that occurred in 2022 nationwide, trends and new products were launched, some of which were major hits. Let’s look back at the top brands’ healthcare professionals enjoyed this year. Whether you want to treat yourself or add some of these items to your holiday wish list, these items are sure to help you out during your long shifts and while staying comfortable.


Trendy Shoes for Healthcare Workers:

First up in the lineup are comfortable and trendy tennis shoes for work. Hoka’s ($130- $160) and On-Running shoes ($140) have both gained popularity among healthcare workers. These shoes are comfortable, have waterproof elements, perfect for home health facility, hospital-based care facility, or even the laboratory settings.


Hoka shoes provide ample support to help prevent foot pain for those who spend long hours on their feet. Your feet will remain cool and comfortable in the Hoka shoes due to their breathable design. Also, did I mention the variety of colors they have available?


The On-Running shoes are the next pair of stylish sneakers on the list. When walking around all day with the Cloudflow On-Running shoes, you will have tons of support and comfort to help keep you going all day long. These shoes enhance not only natural gait but also offer all-day comfort. It’s no wonder why healthcare workers are in awe of these shoes! These unbelievably cushioned shoes can withstand the demanding requirements, and are consistently ranked among the best shoes for healthcare workers.


Stylish & Comfortable Scrubs: 

With so many scrub brands currently available on the market, it can be challenging to find scrubs that are the ideal fit, comfortable design, and fashionable. There are several reasons why FIGS scrubs ($86) have been highly rated over the years and remain highly rated in 2022.


FIGS scrubs are known for their breathable design with a quick dry fabric. The scrubs also offer protection against those undesirable liquid spills. Comparatively speaking to some other scrub products, the wear and tear over time is minor.

Durable Tote Bags

Stylish tote bags are a trendy item in 2022 and the same goes for trendy work bags for healthcare workers. A top brand for healthcare work tote bags is the Scout ($50) branded bags. You want a tote bag with enough compartments for everything you need so you can quickly find it. Healthcare workers who favor compartmentalization will love the six external pockets and inside pockets on the best-selling Pocket Rocket Pocket Tote Bag.


Another growing brand of bags in 2022 is CalPak ($120). The Luka duffel bag by CalPak is a hit for healthcare workers and can double as a great travel bag when on assignment. The bag is lightweight and has 9-pockets including one for shoes, making it a great gym bag as well. Did we mention it’s waterproof? Go ahead and add this to your holiday wish-list.


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Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are on the rise as more people make conscious efforts to make healthier and environmentally friendly choices. Limiting the disposal of plastic water bottles by committing to a quality reusable water bottle an easy way to make a positive impact on our Earth’s environment.


The 40 oz Stanley Adventure Quencher Tumbler ($40) went viral on TikTok and Instagram this year, but is it worth all the hype? Yes, it is (if you can get your hands on one!). Stanley restocks their website on certain days, and they sell out in minutes. This tumbler meets the demands of a healthcare worker since it has a 40 oz capacity, a handle for carrying, is dishwasher safe, fits in a car cupholder, and remains ice cold for 12+ hours.


Supportive, Stylish Compression Socks

Compression socks are a must-have item for healthcare professionals, so why not invest in a fashionable and comfy pair? The BOMBAS ($28 – $36) brand of compression socks have ravings reviews and a variety of patterns and designs. Not only are these socks nice and comfy, but they will also keep you warm and provide you with the support you need.


While the FIGS ($28) brand is known for its cozy-cute scrubs, its compression socks also have been a big hit this year. When you have to spend all day on your feet, cushioning along the toes and heels is a welcome feature that the FIGS compression socks offer.


Second-To-None Stethoscope 

Finding the perfect stethoscope can be one of the most valuable (and most used) healthcare tools. Wondering what the top-rated stethoscope in 2022 is? Drum roll, please…. Littmann Stethoscopes ($96). Littmann Stethoscopes feature advanced amplification and filtering systems in an ergonomic design. Littmann has been providing some of the best stethoscopes for over 67 years now and they continue to be a top-rated brand coordinating to healthline.com. This is the greatest all-purpose stethoscope that doctors, nurses, and patient care workers use.


You deserve to feel valued and special, and here at LRS we thank you for your hard work as a healthcare worker. After all the hard work you put in day in and day out, go ahead and treat yourself or pass these ideas along as great holiday gift ideas. Also, don’t forget to gift yourself a new career if you are seeking a new adventure. For healthcare professionals seeking a new job in the new year, check out our job opportunities across all 50 states.


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