February Traveler of the Month: Tanya

Mar 2, 2021 | Allied Healthcare

Meet Tanya Leach, our February Allied Traveler of the Month! Tanya has been traveling her entire life with her childhood spent all over the world due to her family being in the Air Force. After serving her time in the Army and landing a career in the Lab industry, Tanya knew her time traveling was not done and looked for a new way to explore while still doing what she loves. Five years later, she has now completed over 13 different assignments across 11 different states. This vast experience has given her a challenging and rewarding career.

Additionally, she uses all of this experience to pay it forward to others within the laboratory industry. Tanya is one of the founding members and moderators of a laboratory social media group (Trekkin’ Tech) that contains thousands of members – both current travelers and potential first-timers alike. Over the years she has helped answer questions and pave the way for many, many others to follow. She is, truly, an ambassador for the travel lab industry.

Get to Know Tanya:


What do you love most about being an MLT?
T: I like that I’m helping people every day but I don’t necessarily have to interact in the bedside setting.

Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled while working?
T: That’s hard and I’m stuck between two! I absolutely loved when I worked in Cape Cod. I’m not much of a beach girl but I loved my coworkers there. I also loved my assignment in Charleston. It was a great location, living just a bit off of a marsh and kayaking during my free time. I spent that 4th of July on the bay and loved it.

What is the most fun or interesting thing you’ve done on assignment?
T: I like to go caving in my free time, not in commercial caves. I went in Washington, Indiana, and Vermont where I ended up breaking my ankle!

How do you spend your time off while on assignment?
T: I love to travel on my days off! It’s great to just drive a town over and explore so close to home. I’m also an avid Pokémon Go! player which gets me out of the house and exploring new areas even more!

If you could time travel, what decade would you head back to first?
T: I’m a history junkie so I would have to say the American Revolution. It would be so interesting to see that climate from what we know now. I’d also like to compare what was documented in the history books versus what actually happened on the ground. I’m a big Alexander Hamilton fan and used to stop by Trinity Church when I lived in New York City.

If you could only take 3 items with you on a travel assignment, what would they be?
T: My dog, Minion, who is a Yorkie, my camper, and my switch to keep myself occupied on my downtime!

If you weren’t a traveling MLT what would be your “other” career?
T: Probably selling houses or in real estate in the San Antonio area.

Favorite junk food/guilty pleasure?
T: I really love beer, especially when it’s served by the fire. I always have a campfire going when I’m able to travel with my 5th wheel so I enjoy trying the local beers where I travel. That’s my happy place.

What’s your advice to new travelers?
T: YES! Always say yes! I met some amazing coworkers and explored more where I was traveling to just by saying yes.


If you’re a traveling Medical Lab Technologist or looking into the travel life for an MLT, check out Trekkin’ Tech on Facebook! Thank you, Tanya, for being a trailblazer to travelers across the country with your tips, help, and support for all. We are so lucky to work with you!