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  Booking Airline Tickets – Cheat Sheet

The things you MUST have to book a domestic airline ticket and are required for ticketing.
1. Name as it appears on valid and unexpired government issued I.D. (ex. Driver’s license, state i.d. card, military i.d., passport). The name must match exactly including middle names, suffixes, titles of respect.
2. Date of birth
3. Contact cell phone/email address

These things can be added to an airline reservation but are not necessary for ticketing. These can also be added after ticketing.
1. Frequent Flyer numbers
2. Known Traveler number – TSA PreCheck or Global Entry
3. Meal preferences
4. Wheelchair/Disability requests

Helpful Tips
1. Book directly with the airline carrier (on their website) whenever possible. The most current flight schedules and pricing are available from the carrier directly.
2. Contact the airline directly for schedule changes, pets in cabin, to change or cancel, to discuss refunds in the event of weather, mechanical or crew delays/cancellations.
3. It’s always a good idea to download the airline’s app for easy check in, to check upgrades, get alerts for travel delays, flight cancellations, and baggage delays.
4. Basic Economy is generally the lowest fare, however, the airlines will remove all services (seat assignments, ability to change/cancel, baggage allowances, etc) and only lower the fare $20-$40 overall. These fares cannot be cancelled, they cannot be changed. So please be aware of the fare rules when booking these types of fares.
5. Don’t forget to cancel your reservation prior to flight take off if you will not be traveling. If a reservation is not cancelled prior to flight – it is considered a no-show and the ticket loses all value.
6. Airline tickets/credits associated with those tickets are in the name of the traveler ONLY and are non-transferable.
7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The Housing Team is available if you need assistance.