Customer Centricity with Triple Aim

Apr 9, 2020 | Company Culture

As a staffing agency, many believe that our only goal is to find an open need or job order and fill it. At the basics of business and staffing, that could ring true, but only for an organization without a vision or mission

At LRS Healthcare, since our inception, the culture and focus of our management and  internal employees has been to understand why we are in healthcare and how achieving our goals and metrics will allow us to have more customer-centricity and provide value for traveling medical professionals and our client customers. This has been achieved by analyzing how we educate, how we train and prepare all of our internal divisions which are integral to the process, and take a stakeholder analysis, similar to: The Key to Balanced Performance Measures. This helps us to understand motivations of our staff, as well as that of our travelers and clients and create a scenario conducive to success for all the stakeholders involved.

Our internal employees are motivated to achieve by multiple factors, many of those drivers being identified during the interview process. If we can teach those employees what is driving the candidates we recruit (traveling medical professionals), and the clients for which we staff (hospitals, clinics, facilities, vendors), then we can truly integrate and achieve value in what we are providing. More skilled or talented recruiters don’t need to put forth the same effort as less talented staff to achieve the same or more significant results, but if we can lead them to understand why we need more effort to not only place candidates but meet the goals of our clients when it comes to improving the experience of care, improving health populations, and reducing the costs of care for our customers, we can achieve transformational leadership regarding the Triple Aim, as described by Berwick’s article: The Triple Aim of Healthcare.
This type of customer-centricity is driven by our culture of teamwork and having the same focus, including building better relationships with our travelers and our client customers by spending more time addressing their needs and wants. Training our team to understand the importance of the Triple Aim can be a catalyst for culture and creating a laser-focus as to ‘why’ we are in healthcare. We also need to understand what our travelers and client’s goals are in terms of servicing patients and improving health populations as part of the Triple Aim initiatives in their settings and how we can be a catalyst for their success. We use surveys, assessments, and feedback tools, as well as research from such sources as Health Affairs, who talk about: What Patient-Centricity Should Mean.
By analyzing our employees motivating factors and personalities, and the data created by their efforts and outputs, a true transformational leader can individualize leadership, motivation, and coaching, while directing positive outcomes based on analytics of the teams’ goals. This not only creates a team environment and a positive culture but allows employees to grow organically based on their own characteristics while making it easier to implement group initiatives, such as, becoming more customer-centric to increase market share in an increasing OR decreasing market. As we have integrated our training around “why we are in healthcare”, these metrics and understanding of the Triple Aim, and helping achieve the goals of our traveling medical professionals and client customers has, and will continue to allow us to achieve a dangerous level of customer-centricity.