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Have a Next-Level Healthcare Travel Experience

Nov 9, 2022 | Company Culture



Did you know when you travel with LRS Healthcare you receive your own travel agent? Okay, not really, but we do have a Travel Experience team on staff dedicated to enhancing your healthcare travel experience. Think of them as your travel agent or personal career coach if you’d like. Never heard of a Travel Experience team? That’s because LRS Healthcare is one of the few travel healthcare staffing agencies that have this resource available to its travelers. With us, you never have to go into an assignment alone.


About the Travel Experience Team

When you travel with LRS Healthcare, you don’t just start an assignment and never hear from us again, you’re welcomed into our family. Just like we have our coworkers’ backs on-site at our headquarters, we go to bat on your behalf to ensure housing, travel, and downtime are filled with delightful and memorable experiences.

Traveling with LRS Healthcare means there is an additional support system here for you when you need it, no matter if it’s the day you sign your contract or day 27 of your assignment – we’re here to listen, consult, and advise. To be efficient, we have subject-matter experts broken down into various teams. Splitting the workload guarantees that there is always someone with an answer to your question and ready to help in any way possible.

Who’s All on Your Side When You Travel With LRS:
  • Your Account Manager
  • Travel Experience team
  • Credentialing team
  • Benefits/Payroll team
  • Nurse Liaison team

Now back to our spotlighted team, Travel Experience. This team is a free resource that was created to make the traveling process more convenient for LRS Healthcare’s travelers. After the Travel Experience team receives your requests from your Account Manager and knows more about your assignment, they will get to work. Their process includes seeking various housing options and suggestions, getting to know you and your hobbies, so that they can find fun activities to suggest in the area of your new assignment, and utilizing existing and growing hotel and car vendor partnerships to get you the best deals possible.


Make Your Next Adventure That Much Better

At LRS Healthcare, our top priority is getting our healthcare travelers like yourself where you’re needed most while being upfront and transparent in our communication. Doing so ensures that you’re well taken care of and eliminates any potential stress. That way, you can focus on the important stuff like providing the best care possible to your patients, improving your skillset at your new facility, and creating long-lasting relationships with your new coworkers. If you’re a new traveler and need some extra tips on how to prepare for your first assignment, click here.

Whatever you fancy, a quiet hiking trail, nightlife, or sporting events, our Travel Experience team listens to your needs and researches your assignment destination. What’s the fun of traveling if you can’t maintain the same lifestyle as back home? We have found that travelers tend to have a better experience when they can submerge themselves within their new city. There is so much to explore in a new city, and we want our travelers to be able to check those boxes on their city bucket list.

Common Concerns the Travel Experience Team Receives:


Q: What if I’m traveling with pets or family?

A: Our Travel Experience team has your back! They consider this information and seek everything from dog parks to amusement parks for the kids.

Q: I have friends/family nearby, could I find housing near them?

A: Our team will work to find something nearby if possible.

Q: What if I have an emergency during my travel assignment?

A: Although it’s not anticipated for an emergency to pop up during your assignment, there is always the possibility of natural disasters or weather putting a damper on your stay. The good news is this wonderful team is here for you, 24/7!


Helpful Resources and More

You may be thinking this sounds similar to an HR Department or LRS Healthcare’s Benefits team, but the Travel Experience team is truly dedicated to ensuring travel logistics and accommodations are arranged so you don’t have to stress over the details. Every traveler and their assignment experience are unique, and our well-rounded staff is prepared to handle any circumstance or question you may have for an enjoyable experience both before leaving and while on assignment. That way we can maintain a positive, working relationship with you for future assignments down the road.

The goal of the Travel Experience team is to help travelers locate comfortable accommodations while on assignment with us. Currently, this team consists of seven driven employees that are each trained to assist travelers with accommodations and travel. To aid in this process, LRS Healthcare offers company discounts and travel resources for all travelers. If you would like options for travel and accommodations, you can fill out a housing request form, flight request form, or rental car request form. All you need to do is reach out to your Account Manager for these forms. (They’ll also be accessible in LRS Connect starting in 2023.)

Request Forms:
Helpful Tips from the Travel Experience Team:

Once the form is accurately filled out and submitted, our team can assist you with the travel services you may need. However, it’s important to note that you first must have an offer or signed contract to submit a request. For fun activities to do in large cities, our department has a partnership with Travel42 to compile destination guides for fun activities, upcoming events, travel news, hotel reviews, and more! If you’re looking for fun adventures to make your journey worthwhile, our team can now send recommendations with just a few quick clicks.


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Just like when you commit to working with LRS Healthcare, we commit to you! There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to ensure our travelers are well-equipped to embark on their next adventure. Your Account Manager works hard to secure you your dream assignment, but all of our specialized teams like the Travel Experience team make that dream a reality by helping you get there! We believe that having this additional support system sets us apart from our competitors. It’s one more way that we show you that we are committed to delivering our promises. LRS Healthcare will always be there to support you every step of the way. Start exploring available jobs now.