There’s Nothing Spooky About Loving Your Job

Oct 30, 2019 | Company Culture

Team LRS loves some good bonding. It’s why we forge lasting relationships with our travelers and have no qualms letting our hair down (or putting it up) for office celebrations and outings. As we cruise into the holiday season, our minds are on what it is that make our day-to-day awesome. They say good things come in threes, so here’s a triple play on why team LRS thinks there’s nothing spooky about loving your job.  

New Discoveries

Thad and Joe concentrating on an intense game of chessWell, what do ya know—Joe and Thad play chess, Alaska has the most beautiful night skies in and bear bells are a thing (thanks, Shelby!)

A day doesn’t go by at LRS Healthcare without the opportunity to learn something new about each other or the world around us. New discoveries are a big draw for travelers AND those rockin’ careers at LRS’ HQ in Omaha, Nebraska. 

We’re a tight-knit group of individuals from all walks of life. The chance to get to know each other—sharing the highs and lows of our professional and personal lives while bonding in the office and during team outings—are big reasons every day that ends in y is a worthwhile day to be a part of team LRS.  

LRS Healthcare travelers staring into the Aurora Borealis night sky in AlaskaShelby Donner and her dog walking the Maud S. Canyon Vista: tips include, best travel companion is a dog; there are tons of awesome views here and wear a bear bell, because, well—bears!








New Friends

LRS recruiter and travel nurse hugging in the airport.The absolute privilege it is to call our travelers friends (and family) is a major motivator for our shared career happiness.

We also get to know the team within our walls and form relationships that extend well beyond them.




There's nothing spooky about loving your job or dressing like you boss! Team members wore sweaters and jackets to dress up like Joshua for Halloween. LRS Healthcare recruiter sharing a beer with his traveler at an outdoor festival.

New Digs

The new LRS Healthcare building on a sunny day. Lots of windows and pretty reflections. A group of LRS Healthcare team members smiling around a table celebrating the new office space.






An artistic photo of the shuffleboard table glittered with sand, close up focusing on the point system.


The team recently relocated to 1120 N. 103rd Plaza, Suite 300, Omaha, NE 68114—but the simple street addy doesn’t give this move the justice it deserves.

Our team works their tails off every day to provide healthcare facilities across the country with quality travel nurses, allied travelers and beyond. It’s the No. 1 reason we walk through the doors every day, remain available practically 24/7 for our travelers and have a growing team that earned this swanky new space we call our home away from home.


If you’re looking to love your job too—we’re hiring recently graduated allied travelers, travel nurses with two years of experience workin’ in the U.S. and behind-the-scenes recruiters and operations folks to join the crew at HQ. Apply with us and enjoy the ride!