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Meet the LRS Healthcare Imaging Team

Oct 30, 2018 | Company Culture

Travel imaging techs are all about adventure and seeing what’s under the surface. So, we thought we’d round out Ultrasound Awareness Month letting all of you get a glimpse at LRS Healthcare’s specialized imaging placement team.

Steve Abler, National Staffing Imaging Manager

Photo of Steve Abler, National Staffing ManagerFav food & why? Jalapeno poppers—it’s bacon and jalapenos. You can’t go wrong!

First &/or best concert & why? Pearl Jam at Pinnacle Bank Arena. It was three hours of greatness with no opening band.

Spirit animal & why? Whale? I’m still trying to figure out what a spirit animal is, lol.

Fav place to travel & why? Alaska because it’s an outdoorsman’s paradise.

Best part of your jobbie job? We have a great team in Allied. All of us have each other’s backs, and we are all here to help each other succeed.

What do travelers or team members do that makes ya smile? One of my travelers surprised me with a drop-in visit at the office. It was great to meet her in person.

Bryant Bowen, Imaging Recruiter

Photo of Bryant Bowen, Imaging RecruiterFav food & why? Pizza! I can’t get enough of it. I love margherita pizza when made right. My favorite pizza place in Omaha is Noli’s.

First &/or best concert & why? The Black Keys. The energy they had for a two-piece band was incredible. They were loud, raw and insanely entertaining. Plus, there music is super catchy and fun.

Spirit animal & why? The turtle. I’m very humble like the turtle and I tend to have lots of determination to finish projects under certain deadlines. I pace myself and am persistent to make sure the job gets done right. The turtle seems to have lots of wisdom and tends to be an old soul.

Fav place to travel & why? Tokyo, Japan. I went there on my honeymoon and immediately fell in love with the food and the people. I think it’s really neat to experience how other people live and experience their cultures. This was such an incredible trip and saw some amazing sites like Mt Fuji.  This was a breath-taking site to see.

Best part of your jobbie job? The best part of my position is I get to hear about people’s lives and the exciting things they are doing that day.

What do travelers or team members do that makes ya smile? After I had my first baby, my team scrambled and made me a baby basket with all the essentials for a tiny baby. This gesture really meant a lot to me and my wife.


Angela Ferrante, Imaging Recruiter

Fav food & why? Sushi because of the variety of flavors.

Fav travel spot & why? Okoboji, Iowa, because it’s so peaceful and relaxing!

Best concert?  Pretty Lights—Red Rocks is amazing.

Spirit animal & why? A hawk because I have an inclination towards using the power of vision and intuition in my daily life. The hawk totem provides wisdom about seeing situations from a higher perspective, using the power of observation and focusing on the task at hand. It’s a good companion to develop spiritual awareness.

Best part of your jobbie job? The broad spectrum of tasks and activities we are given the opportunity to fulfill.

What do travelers or team members do that makes ya smile? It makes my day whenever my techs show me their pet pics!


 Brian Grovijohn, Client Manager

 Photo of Brian Grovijohn, Client ManagerFav food & why? You can’t get anything better than authentic New York-style pizza.

First &/or best concert & why? All of them. You can’t beat live music.

Spirit animal & why? Nada.

Fav place to travel & why? Alaska or anywhere with mountains. I love being outdoors.

Best part of your jobbie job? Building relationships, and the satisfaction of getting a placement that makes the tech, the vendor and the recruiter happy.

What do travelers or team members do that makes ya smile? It seriously happens every day. We have a great team at LRS and great travelers partnering with us.


Jessica Heenan, Account Manager

Photo of Jessica Heenan, Account ManagerFav food & why? All food, I love food, all styles. Well, except for beets because those are gross.

First &/or best concert & why? I like most concerts, but we loved Eric Church!

Spirit animal & why? Angela because…have you met Angela?

Favorite place to travel & why? Colorado, my husband and I went there for our honeymoon and love it there!

Best part of your jobbie job? Memes—ALL DAY LONG!

What do travelers or team members do that makes ya smile? Whenever my travelers become my friends and send me emails or texts at work that make me awkwardly lol, and I also love when a first-time traveler starts their first assignment.


Katlyn Hurlbert, Imaging Recruiter

Photo of Katlyn Hurlbert, Imaging RecruiterFav food & why? Guacamole, so delish.

First &/or best concert & why? Billy Currington was probably one of the best concerts I have gone to because my best friend won VIP tickets for us. He put on a really good, exciting show.

Spirit animal & why? A cat because I’m soft and cuddly, but independent and a little sassy.

Favorite place to travel & why? Anywhere I haven’t been because I like exploring new, exciting places.

Best part of your jobbie job? I enjoy getting the chance to talk with different people and hear about their experiences around the country.

What do travelers or team members do that makes ya smile? I’m new to the team, so any time I get to help their experience run smoothly is a happy moment for me.


Jennifer Mathews, National Staffing Manager

Fav food & why? Pizza, so many varieties.

First &/or best concert & why? Def Leopard…they put on an amazing light show.

Spirit animal & why? Whale, according to the internet (ha!), because of my strong inner voice, and always following my truth. I’m in touch with reality, self-aware and don’t get involved in drama. I form strong bonds and emotional ties with those I love.

Fav place to travel & why? Colorado because of the mountains.

What do travelers or team members do that makes ya smile? Letting me know I’ve helped them find awesome jobs and experience new places.

Brittany Meints, Imaging Recruiter

Brittany Meints, Imaging RecruiterFav food & why? Halibut and Musk Ox—my dad is a big game hunter in Alaska and always brings us home his fresh game.

First &/or best concert & why? Taylor Swift, 2018. I took my 11- and 10-year-old daughters to their first concert this summer. It was awesome just to see their faces.

Spirit animal & why? Bear, because I look sweet and cuddly but, I’m really ferocious. Just ask my husband. 😝

Fav place to travel & why? Australia and Costa Rica because the beaches and surfing are unbelievable!

Best part of your jobbie job? The people I work with. They make my job enjoyable and I love coming to work each morning!

What do travelers or team members do that makes ya smile? Ever since my first day of work, travelers and coworkers have make me feel like a solid team member from day one!


Arturo “Art” Perez, Imaging Recruiter

Photo of Arturo “Art” Perez, Imaging RecruiterFav food & why? Mexican (duh, ha!) and Italian…oh, and steak.

First &/or best concert & why? Edgefest because of the band list: Violent Femmes, God Lives Underwater, 311, The Urge, The Phunk, Junkeez, The Nixons and Shovelhead.

Spirit animal & why? Arturo = Arthur which means bear-man in Celtic. I align with that because they’re big and cuddly but anger ‘em and you’re done—ha! But I just took a spirit animal quiz, and it said I’m a wolf. I’m cool with that too.

Favorite place to travel & why? Anywhere I can hunt and fish, or Mexico to visit family.

Best part of your jobbie job? I get to talk to all sorts of people while multitasking online and on social with them or for them. I have an active mind so the more multitasking, the better.

What do travelers or team members do that makes ya smile? Recently, I had a traveler stop by and bring me a bottle of scotch. I don’t drink scotch, but it was really nice. I also had another traveler stop in Louisiana at the Duck Commander factory and pick me up a duck call straight from there. That was super amazing! She wasn’t even working for me. It was just a super nice thing to do.


Vince Poast, Branch Manager

Photo of Vince Poast, Branch ManagerFav food & why? Pizza….cuz…it’s pizza.

First &/or best concert & why? Peter Frampton. Why? I plead the fifth.

Spirit animal & why? Tiger because it’s my zodiac sign.

Fav place to travel & why? Canada, Bay Islands and Honduras.

Best part of your jobbie job? I say this all the time; my job feels like shooting the breeze with my friends all day.

What do travelers or team members do that makes ya smile? I had a first-time traveler who’d never been anywhere. They went to a job on the west coast and fell in love, stayed full-time, got married, had a baby boy and was ridiculously happy. She said I made it all happen for her. I appreciated it but inside, I thought I was also losing a great travel tech. That was 11 years ago and only partially true. She doesn’t travel anymore, but we still talk once a month or so.


Kailey Smith, Imaging Recruiter

Photo of Kailey Smith, Imaging RecruiterFav food & why? I honestly eat everything. But every year when grilling season comes around, I’m extra happy.

First &/or best concert & why? My best concert was Garth Brooks. I went three days in a row and cried every night. But I have tickets to see George Strait in December, so things may change.

Spirit animal & why? A wolf. I think I just migrate to their sense of independence. They are super committed to their pack.

Favorite place to travel & why? I love going home to Denver to fish up in the mountains.

Best part of your jobbie job? Learning about the industry and what these travelers do day-to-day.

What do travelers or team members do that makes ya smile? My first traveler’s comment, “I am so blessed to have you in my life right now.” Nobody has ever said that to me! 😊


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