We don’t do “average” at LRS Healthcare. After all, our team and our travelers are above average, which is why we’ve upped our insurance game to strengthen our back-having abilities when it comes you and your healthcare coverage.

Leadership and HR worked their magic, and we’re so stoked there are scorch marks—here are updates to our traveler insurance offerings:

Starting September 1, 2018

Medical, Dental and Vision coverage will be made available to LRS Healthcare travelers upon the first day of the month proceeding his/her date of hire.

That means, if you started on the 29th day of the month, you will be eligible for coast-to-coast healthcare insurance coverage in a matter of days. #aboveaverage

In addition, qualified LRS travelers can choose from two United Healthcare plans and will receive Short- and Long-Term Disability in addition to Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (creepy, but important).

Another benny-fits chunk of awesome: Qualified LRS travelers can also receive matching 401(k) perks after traveling with us for one year/1,000 hours.

Nixing Day-One Insurance

This is a major reason we are choosing to offer healthcare benefits to our travelers sooner than most other medical travel placement companies. We know day-one insurance can be a pain and come at a higher cost than company insurance offerings.

We want our traveling medical professionals to do just that—travel and take care of people. We believe it’s up to us to take care of you every way possible. And we hope this updated insurance offering is an extra perk that helps you focus more on your career, family and travel adventures.