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Dedicated to Developing a Brighter Future

Inspiring Life-Long Learners

Growing Every Employee at Every Stage

At LRS Healthcare, there’s a development path and plan for every employee. Whether you’re fresh out of school and kicking off your career or are an office Veteran seeking to refine your communication, interpersonal or leadership skills, our Talent Strategy team will meet you where you are.

Every employee is given access to our internal Learning Management System with a wide variety of in-person and remote-friendly trainings and development courses. Our development programs are built with an emphasis on a growth-mindset allowing our staff to navigate and grow in their current role and atmosphere, building soft and hard skills for career growth, learning how to manage people, processes and change, and long-term leadership development.

Bringing Out the Best in You

At LRS Healthcare, we know the best investment you can make is in yourself, and as a company, we whole-heartedly agree. Development is not only something we take to heart, it’s one of our core values!

We’re committed to providing a safe environment where our employees can learn and grow through skill-enhancing opportunities. Employees are given opportunities to learn new skills, by providing tools, resources, and mentorship, as well as development and coaching opportunities. So, no matter if it is personal or professional development, we’re here to support you ever step of the way!

It’s one way “We Invest in Our People”.

Confidence in Your Career

Professional & Personal Development Programs and opportunities are available and offered to all internal employees. Our Talent Development team is continually working to expand these opportunities and providing the most up-to-date trainings to ensure every employee has the tools and resources to become their best self.

Classes are created with the individual employee in mind. Whether you’re looking for skills to help navigate interpersonal relationships, identify strengths, manage conflict, or enhance business outcomes and efficiencies, we’ve got the tools to make it happen!

From new hire onboarding to up-and-coming leadership development, and networking opportunities, there is a program for everyone.

Professional & Personal Development Programs

From day-one training, to career enhancing opportunities and beyond, as an LRS Healthcare employee, the opportunities to learn are endless.

  • Emerging Professionals (EP) Program

  • Accelerated Leader Program (ALP)

  • Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

  • Employee Engagement Committee

  • Internship Program

  • Mentorship Program

  • Employee Resource Groups

In addition, we host ongoing lunch n’ learns and provide industry or role-related conferences and workshop experiences for employees to attend!