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Our goal is to create lasting relationships with clients by providing the highest level of medical staffing services.

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LRS Healthcare has established a reputation for providing trusted medical staffing solutions. We’re known for providing healthcare facilities with quality medical professionals that range from nursing, to allied health professionals, to therapists.

Quality Healthcare Professionals

At LRS Healthcare, we believe that the only way we can be successful in helping medical facilities address staffing needs is by having the right people for the job. Through in-depth candidate profiling, we identify the best candidates for each and every job. Every candidate goes through a 19-point quality assurance program, which guarantees compliance for our clients.


Timeliness Matters

Healthcare staffing shortages leave hospitals and other healthcare facilities in a vulnerable position. Not only is the risk of a lower quality of care an issue, but also the stress and anxiety that shortages can cause on other employees who have to pick up the slack.

We recognize the urgency that is required, and how important it is to address staffing shortages in a timely manner. We respond immediately to requests, and are always searching to provide healthcare facilities with quality candidates when they need them.

We Make it Easy for You

LRS Healthcare is constantly working to fill medical job openings for healthcare facilities around the nation. If you have staffing needs, we’re going to provide you with everything you need to fill those positions. We make things easy by:

  • Profiling candidates and sending medical facilities only the most qualified candidates.
  • Sending concise profiles containing a candidate overview, resume, skills checklist, and references.
  • Scheduling times for nurse managers and other facility employees to conduct interviews.

More Than Just a Medical Staffing Agency

For us, it’s not just about providing a medical staffing solution for healthcare facilities across the nation. It’s about more than that.

It’s about being responsive and available to facilities when they need us. There are no automated machines. You talk directly with someone when you need something. That applies to not only staffing shortage needs that we help to address, but also when you need to talk with us about one of our employees that are working at your facility.

We Believe in Lasting Business Relationships

Our goal is to create lasting relationships with clients by providing the highest level of medical staffing services. We work to be so helpful as a staffing solution, that healthcare facilities choose to come back and work with us in the future. Some incredible business relationships have developed as a result.

diverse group of healthcare professionals

For hospitals and other healthcare facilities, nothing is more important than providing patients with quality care. Quality medical professionals are the key to making sure that every patient has a great experience, and gets the care they need.