What better moment to celebrate our OT travelers than National Occupational Therapy Month?

Healers and wanderers at heart, you’ve afforded yourself the freedom to live the best of several worlds. You provide patients with greater independence and facilities with staffing relief while nomading around the country and enhancing your resume.

Did you always know your path would lead to career travel? Maybe. But we bet you didn’t realize all the rewards this independent lifestyle would reveal, personally and professionally, until you started living the dream.

Here’s a few reasons to celebrate the life you’re livin’ this month and always:

You play the hero role

Whether it’s unsung or shouted from the rooftops, the facilities you’re moonlighting for need you. The community’s workforce and our national economy need you. And the patients, and the patients’ families, need you. Once you realize this, those less-than-perfect days on the job will roll off your back more smoothly.

You conquer fears

Successful OT travelers aren’t all overly extraverted. And even when they are, nobody feels fearless without knowing what it’s like to question your confidence. Each time you explore a travel job search page, reach out to that recruiter and hit the road, you’re challenging yourself and growing as a person.

You can pay off student loan debts faster

Lightbulb moment, right? Considering the tax-free stipends and elevated salaries offered to traveling occupational therapists, the potential to pay off your student load debt ahead of schedule is very real.

You are in control of when you work

Traveling medical professionals often boast working around 10 months out of the year for the same, and often higher, yearly take home than those working permanently full time. Taking a few weeks off to road trip or spend QT with the fam between assignments is just a part of your routine.

Pro tip: If you’re new to the travel OT game, know that a quality recruiter can be the difference between a dream placement and a total nightmare. Be sure to vet them, and if you don’t feel they have your back—ditch ‘em.

If you see something you’re interested in on our travel occupational therapy jobs page, hit us up with any and every question you have regarding the process and placement. We can likely get you placed within 48 hours, but understand some of you need some time to sleep on a decision. This is your journey, and we respect the opportunity to be a resource and a guide.