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Travel Medical Professionals Flock to Arizona & Florida

Nov 30, 2018 | Recruiting

Travel nurses, allied healthcare professionals and beyond don’t need to retire to retreat to warm weather havens like Arizona or Florida in the winter. You simply pick up an 8–16-week working vaycay in one of these Sunbelt states and hit the happy trails.

The seasonal migration to lands lush with vitamin D year-round is nothing new. Are you new to the traveling healthcare scene or either of this state? Here are a few factoids to help get ya up to speed.

Arizona and Florida’s Hottest Medical Travel Destination



Seasonally superb temps make Arizona an exceptional spot for travel nurses and allied professionals when the weather is less than optimal where you might be living or wrapping up your latest placement. Here are two Arizona cities travelers rave about:

Tucson, AZ, has plenty of areas to hike and climb such as the Saguaro National Park, places to learn and grow intellectually and spiritually such as the Botanical Gardens, Air and Space Museum and San Xavier del Bac. The Crazy Tourist has details on these hot spots and about two dozen others cool things travel enthusiast will want to know about when taking up temporary residency.

Phoenix, AZ, has the dry heat winter-fobes crave this time of year. The Thrillist paints the city with both adventure and indulgence. It outlines places to soak up nature and fill your cup along with your belly. Whether you’re hitting up a winery, tubing, wondering around local art walks or anything in-between, it’s a city travel nurses and allied professionals frequent because there’s SO. MUCH. (WARM.) COOLNESS.

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Fun in Florida transitions from bikini by day to little black dress by night seamlessly—or trunks to a tie. The Sunshine State lives up to the hype with warm (and yes, humid) days and lively cool evenings. Medical travelers often keep Florida in their yearly rotation due to the high-volume of major attractions and hidden gems. These cities have been on travelers hot list lately:


The City on the Circle has a sweet Downtown Historic District filled with shops, eateries and nearly two dozen historic building. It also has an International Raceway and several parks. Both nature and amusement parks to keep your downtime ramped up.

St. Petersburg

Nested in the gulf coast, the Sunshine City includes unique attractions such as the Dali Museum, Sunhsine Skyway Bridge, Treasure Island and Sunset Beach.


Florida’s capital is packed with history and wildlife, including the nightlife. Whether your touring the Tallahassee Museum of Natural History. Hanging around St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. Or catching a show at the Capital City Amphitheater, Tallahassee will warm your winter wonderland up in no time.

Medical Licensing Requirements in Arizona and Florida

Both Arizona and Florida are part of the Nurse Licensure Compact, making it easy to practice across these, and more than two dozen other, state lines with a single license.

If you’re going straight up Arizona, you’ll want to hit up the Arizona State Board of Nursing. Insider tip: It’s been said to take a matter of days to obtain an Arizona nursing license if you’re able to go directly to the board of nursing.

For Florida, a single license is expected to take 4–6 weeks, and more info on nurse licensure in Florida can be found at Florida Board of Nursing’s website.

A note to our labbies out there: Florida is the only state that requires a lab license. In which you can obtain on the Florida Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel website.

Therapy and rad tech travelers can find licensing info one-stop-shop style via the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy and the American Society of Radiological Technologists.