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Recruiter of the Month: Shelby Wilson

May 29, 2020 | Company Culture, Recruiting

Shelby Wilson

This month’s Recruiter of the Month should come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with LRS Healthcare. Shelby Wilson has been working at LRS for 4 years and has been a go-getter since day one! This past year Shelby was awarded the President’s Club award by exhibiting amazing leadership and really demonstrating what it means to be a fantastic recruiter!

“There’s more to Shelby than just being a “great recruiter.” Being a great recruiter is more than just being your lifeline while on assignment, Shelby is strategic. She is fast and does not mess around and waste her time or yours. Wilson listens the traveler’s needs, shoots them straight, and gets right to business. Travelers profile docs are done quickly and efficiently and explains “why” she is pushing for these docs.

Wilson matches travelers and account managers not only by personality fits, but also to recruiters who are very knowledgeable in either that unit or geographical region. If you are a traveler and want to get to work fast, or just to learn more about the industry in general, you need to talk to Shelby.” – Randi Rowe

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Get to Know Shelby!

  • Shelby grew up on a farm in central Nebraska (Shelton to be exact). Wilson has been a recruiter for the Nursing division for 4 years and said it has felt like home since the moment she started. Before becoming a recruiter, Shelby was an OR tech but has found great joy in helping nurses pursue their aspirations. If Shelby were a traveler, she would look for a recruiter that’s “NO NONSENSE”. Similar to her recruiting style, she is direct and to the point and likes to get down to business.


  • Anywhere with a beach is Shelby’s go to but her favorite vacation to date was relaxing in St. Lucia.


  • The song that best describes Shelby’s life right now is Six Feet Apart by Luke Combs (arguably the best quarantine song to come out these past few months).


  • Her hero would be her Dad because he taught her what it means to work harder than the person next to you without worrying about what they are doing; adapt and conquer, quietly.


  • If she could go back in time, she would travel back to 2008 to hug her grandpa one more time.


  • Wilson is admittedly not much of a cook but her favorite recipe is throwing a roast in the crockpot to keep things simple.


  • Growing up, her favorite family tradition was heading over to Johnson’s Lake with all her cousins. As kids they spent almost every weekend there and enjoyed summers at the lake.


  • Finally, Shelby has a very soft spot for horses. At the age of 2, she got her first pony named Princess which she took care of for 25 years. Shelby learned on her own how to take care of her beautiful horse as well as riding a horse on her own. “To actually be on the same wavelength as a 1200lb animal is absolutely amazing!”



Spotify Playlist

Make sure to check out Shelby’s playlist on Spotify to get to know her more!


Looking for your first, or next, awesome recruiter? Feel free to connect with Shelby on Facebook, LinkedIn or feel free to give her a call!