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Recruiter of the Month: Alex Hobbie

Apr 13, 2020 | Company Culture, Recruiting

Alex Hobbie

We’re so excited to be kicking off Recruiter of the Month with this fantastic lady! Alex Hobbie has been working at LRS Healthcare for over a year now and has showcased company values in her day to day work. We’ve enjoyed getting to know Alex with her work on our Allied Imaging Team as a Rockstar recruiter. Can’t wait to see what more she can do!

“Alex is the definition of team “player”. Alongside with being a very good recruiter she is always willing to offer a suggestion or a helping hand to anyone in need. Alex brings dedication and integrity to the job but more than that she is great to work with. My one favorite thing about Alex is her goofy loud laugh, can’t help but feel better when you hear it.” – Vince Poast

“Alex is awesome! She has such a contagious laugh and her recruits adore her! Proud to have her on my team!!!” – Jessica Heenan


Get to Know Alex!

Alex grew up in Wahoo, NE and later moved to Omaha, NE. She’s a recruiter for our Imaging Team and enjoys working with her team daily. If she were a traveler, she would look for honesty when finding her next recruiter. The best quality Alex brings to the table is looking out for her travelers and having their best interest at heart. Her favorite vacation spot is Colorado but specifically staying in a cabin up in the mountains. It’s much quieter and there are less people which gives her more free time to explore the great outdoors! If Alex were stranded on a deserted island and had the necessities, she would be sure to pack a few great books and her sunscreen!

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The song that best describes Alex’s life right now is I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor because she’s trying to survive. Her hero would be her Momma because she was a single parent and helps out with caring for her daughter, Josie. If she could go back in time, she would travel back to the 90’s. More specifically 1998, because it would be nice to be 10 again and not have many responsibilities. Alex loves Italian food and enjoys cooking Chicken Marsala for her and her family. Her favorite family tradition is just getting together around the holidays and sharing big meals with her loved ones. If money wasn’t and object, Alex would love to travel the world! And finally, other than being addicted to Facebook, Alex loves spending her free time on Tik Tok watching makeup videos and sharing funny videos with her friends and coworkers!

Make sure to keep an eye out later this week for Alex’s go to playlist around the house on Spotify!


Looking for your first, or next, awesome recruiter? Feel free to connect with Alex on Facebook, LinkedIn or feel free to give her a call!