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Finding the Perfect Winter Travel Assignment

Oct 12, 2021 | Recruiting

The temperature is dropping which can only mean one thing: Winter is coming. If you have been in the travel industry for a minute, you know that finding your winter assignment can determine a winter in the sunshine or the snow. Winter CabinWhen is the best time to start looking for assignments starting in December/January? Now and within the next few weeks, more and more ideal travel assignments will be popping up. Here are some key items to have updated and questions to consider when finding the perfect winter travel opportunity.


Get in Touch with Your Recruiter

The best way to hear about these upcoming travel assignments is to get in contact with your recruiter(s). Open communication about where you are looking to travel as well as any other expectations such as pay and housing will help alert your recruiter to keep an eye out for opportunities specific for you. Keep your recruiter’s phone number saved and answer their calls! There could be hundreds of other applicants looking for the same expectations as you, so it is important to give the green light for submittal ASAP!


Keep Your Documents Updated

Your resume, skills checklist, and references are your golden ticket to kickstarting your search. Make sure to update your resume with correct dates for your past assignments along with a few major responsibilities you had while working there. This is a good time to make sure your license and state licenses are up to date and noted on your resume. Finally, contact your references to notify them they may be getting a call from your recruiter soon. It is always a best practice to provide reference contacts that you have worked with within the past 12 months.


 Location, Pay & Setting

When talking to travelers, LRS likes to ask how you would prioritize these three categories: Location, Pay & Setting. Why bring this up? The money is up north this time of year! You do not have to travel to Alaska (there are assignments up there if you are interested) but think of those colder states where you have relatives!Summer Beach Getaway Or if you really are dead set on going to Florida for 3 months and living a hop, skip & a jump from the beach, consider this assignment as the best 3-month vacation you have taken! Making money and enjoying the warm Florida sun in your free time is good for the soul!


Get ready to travel and soak up some Vitamin C or get ready to hit the slopes in those colder states. Either way, LRS Healthcare is here to help with all your travel needs, year round! Still not sure where to start? Just give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions to get your travel career started or line up your next assignment!


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