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What to Look For in a Travel Rehab Recruiter

Jun 27, 2019 | Allied Healthcare, Recruiting

A travel therapy rehab career offers many benefits to physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists. Especially if you’re a recent grad. Being fresh out of college is an exciting time. For those considering becoming a traveling medical professional, know your experience begins with your recruiter relationship. Moreover, it’s important to be guided down a positive path with a recruiter that will help you every step of the way. 

Here are traits to look for in a quality medical travel recruiter and expectations to hold them to. There are things all LRS Healthcare recruiters consider second nature. 


First and foremost, your travel medical recruiter will be contacting you, on average, once a week. Your recruiter will ask questions about your past experiences, current position or professional status and future career goals.

They will also want to learn about what makes you tick, what you’re passionate about and any concerns or struggles you may be facing. 

If this person makes you cringe when they call, they’re simply not the recruiter for you! You should feel at ease and be fostering a comfortable connection with your recruiter. Almost to the point that it feels like a bestie calling or your parent “just checkin’ in.”


Your recruiter is your lifeline to the rehab world. They help guide you through every aspect of your medical travel career. Weather it be from preparing interview questions and finding housing, to connecting you with your assignment contracts and getting paid. 

If your recruiter is undependable and not following through for you, it’s time to move on and connect with a recruiter that will. After all, it’s their job to make sure you feel confident, secure and ready to take on your next assignment. Reliability should be a top priority with your recruiter.


When it comes to your career, you are in charge. To be in charge, you need to voice your wants, needs, goals and struggles as mentioned above. When building a relationship with a recruiter, communication is a biggie. Communication is always a two-way street. 

Communication is the puzzle piece that ensures you’re on the right track and ready to make your next move seamlessly. That’s why your recruiter should be connecting with you in some preferred fashion (phone, text, email, social media, etc.) at least once a week. They call at least once a week to understand how you’re doing, what you’re looking for next and help you find it. 

If this isn’t the case, maybe they read minds? 🤔 False. They are putting you on the back burner or hoping you’ll revert to autopilot. You deserve better than that.


Ever heard “honesty is the best policy?” As a traveling medical therapist, being honest about your preferences allows you to be easily placed on assignments that you’re interested in. As a travel medical recruiter, honesty about assignment availability allows travelers to feel at ease and know they will be taken care of.

During your career, you should expect (and require) your recruiter to be respectfully blunt about your odds of being placed in a specific area and salary ranges. Both of these things should be considered in advance of any interviews or placements. This allows you to plan in advance or open your mind to other options rather than being placed in the wrong fit for your lifestyle. 

Best Interest at Heart

You and your rehab recruiter should have the same goal in mind at all times: find the right career move and adventure for you. Yup, YOU are the priority. And all the elements that go into your placements—the state and communities you want to be in, the facility dynamic you’re looking for, how long you want to be on the road and what you’re interested in doing and seeing while you’re out are ALL a part of your travel therapy career. Therefore, these things should be important to your recruiter. 

Bottom-line, your recruiter should genuinely care about your well-being because when you’re happy. They not only have a happy traveler livin’ the dream, but a long-term traveler and friend.

If a career in travel rehab therapy sounds like an exciting fit for your future, let’s get you rolling! 

Life is short, and there are so many adventures and experiences out there. That degree of yours has so much potential to help others while filling your travel bucket. We hope this post helped you learn a lil’ more about your options and next steps. If you’d like to get more in depth info on career allied medical travel, reach out to the team.

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