Workplace Culture in Healthcare

Apr 11, 2016 | Allied Healthcare, Company Culture, Recruiting


You don’t have to work at a small startup company to enjoy a strong, positive workplace culture. In fact, more hospitals and healthcare companies are finding value in building a supportive — and even fun — work atmosphere. At LRS, we understand that enjoying where you work is an essential component of a fulfilling career. That’s why we’ve built our company on strong values rooted in taking care of our employees.

Here are just a few of the reasons we believe healthy workplace cultures are so important in the healthcare industry:


Job satisfaction

At LRS, we strive to build strong professional relationships with our clients and our employees. And it’s not just a goal — it’s our mission. It’s important to us that our team members love coming to work every day, so we do what we can to create a workplace that prioritizes people, rewards hard work, and even encourages a little fun. That philosophy has helped our business grow significantly since we started, and we feel it’s what sets us apart from other healthcare companies. We’re proud of the staff we’ve assembled and balanced culture we’ve established.



A study from Columbia University showed that workplaces with poor company cultures experience a turnover rate that’s 34.5 percent higher than those with strong company cultures. Employees who genuinely enjoy their jobs likely won’t start hunting for something better or be so quick to jump at other opportunities. And not only will good employees stick around, they’ll likely recommend where they work to others. Positive comments from current employees can make the facility attractive to top-level talent. Especially in the case of travel nurses we work with, a great experience at a facility may make them want to return at a later date or recommend the facility to other travel nurses.


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Improved performance

Hours in the healthcare industry are often long, and shifts may be hectic, but they feel less draining for professionals who work in a positive atmosphere. Employees who are exhausted or under pressure are more likely to make errors and perform at a lower level overall. Frustrations and tension can make them less efficient, less thorough, and even less pleasant in general — which isn’t acceptable when your job is taking care of people. Employees who aren’t distracted by other issues are able to focus on their work, be more attentive, and provide better care.


Strong employee relationships

When employees care about each other, caring more about their work comes naturally. A strong sense of teamwork encourages employees to help each other out and hold each other accountable. And if extra help or shift coverage is needed, employees who feel that pitching in will also be doing a friend a favor will be more inclined to volunteer. Those who feel supported by those around them are much more likely to return the support when they can.


Rewards for hard work

Our employees work hard all week, so we also encourage them to have some fun during it too. In our office, we have a room complete with arcade games and a fridge full of drinks. We want our team members to make the most of their breaks, enjoy occasional office parties, and grab a cold one before taking off a little early on Fridays. We appreciate that our employees give 110 percent, and we feel providing them with a great unique, place to work is the least we can do to thank them.

If LRS sounds like the kind of healthcare company you want to work for, you’re in luck. We’re hiring.


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