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We Provide Incredible Opportunities for Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapists Assistants!

You can further your career in Occupational Therapy in a multitude of ways by obtaining a position through LRS Healthcare. An industry leader in medical staffing, LRS Healthcare provides you a host of opportunities with many available Occupational Therapist or a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant jobs. Whether you want to work across town, across the state or across the country, we have an OT position for you.

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We Don't Waste Any Time

Once you complete a Skills Assessment Test on our site and submit an application for your desired Occupational Therapy position, we get back to you within 24 hours; often within the same day. We’ll contact you with the positions we have that fill your skill set and abilities. We know you don’t want to put your life on hold waiting a week or more for your healthcare staffing agency to respond. You deserve better and we deliver.

We Market Our Employees

LRS Healthcare takes the lead in marketing our Occupational Therapists and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants. We reach out to the many OT facilities, hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes and other workplaces with which we have built solid relationships. Plus, when you apply and test with LRS Healthcare, you’ll be assigned a dedicated recruiter that matches available OT jobs with your skills.

We're Here For You

We always think long-term relationship. The dedicated recruiter we assign to you will stay matched up with you for the entire length of your relationship with LRS. They’ll be a dependable ally for you throughout your career. Even if you take a position through another medical staffing agency, you can always call and speak your LRS Healthcare recruiter to obtain additional placements. We value you as an employee and we put a premium developing on a long, rewarding relationship with you.

Incredible Benefits

LRS Healthcare provides a wealth of benefits for our Occupational Therapist and Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant employees, and not just health, dental, and vision. Our range of offered benefits covers the full spectrum of your needs.



Our PPO provider of health, dental and vision benefits is recognized and accepted everywhere across the USA. No matter where you decide to work, you’ll be covered.


Your housing needs are covered with LRS Healthcare. We locate fully furnished housing for you, customized to your needs. You’ll receive addresses, contact info and photos of each property so you can approve the choice before you accept. If you accept a travel OT position, you’ll only have to bring the essentials. We make sure you have the rest!

Licensure Reimbursement

Updating OT licensures is hassle-free with LRS Healthcare, too. If you need to update any licensures prior to or after taking placement with LRS Healthcare, we’ll provide you the licensing information for every state. And, we’ll reimburse you for any incurred costs.

Continuing Education

As an Occupational Therapist or Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, you’ll need to expand your knowledge of new techniques and keep up on your medical certifications. To keep yourself marketable, LRS Healthcare helps you locate, schedule and pay for any certifications needed for any OT position.

Long-Term and Short Term Disability Insurance

Accidents can happen. If one happens to you, LRS Healthcare has you covered through our long-term and short-term disability benefit programs. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll receive regular supplemental income should you suffer an accident preventing you from going to work.

Life Insurance

You can also have peace of mind through our life insurance program. You’ll be glad you can assure your loved ones there will be something left behind for them.


Everybody plans to retire at some point, and we want our employees to have enough money when that day comes. As an LRS employee, you become fully vested in your 401k plan after an initial investment and can take advantage of our generous company match. You can also set your own contribution level and can easily roll your plan over at any time.

Referral Bonus

Everyone loves a bonus. We provide a $250 bonus to any of our employees who refers another, once the individual referral completes six weeks of assignment. The employee you refer doesn’t have to work in an OT position. You can also refer as many people as you like, too.


24-Hour Support

When you take an Occupation Therapy or Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant job through LRS Healthcare, you’ll receive a 24-hour phone number that will connect you with an LRS representative. We’re here for you, day or night.