Show business has a saying, “You’re only as good as your last performance.” It’s a blanket statement with some merit for traveling healthcare professionals to contemplate.

You’re “on” for hours upon hours, day after day. That’s impressive. That’s dedication. But will you be remembered for what you’ve done or what you’re doing in the here and now?

It’s a continuous effort, so the answer is both.

That’s why LRS Healthcare travel nurses, physical therapists, lab techs and beyond commit to being the best they can be every day. Sure, you’re human. You have good days and not-so-good days just like the rest of us. Still you remain strong, unbiased and devoted to providing high-quality, compassionate patient care at every twist, turn and call light you encounter.

Patient Recognition Week

February 1–7 has been charted as Patient Recognition Week since 1995. Though it’s kind to show your patients extra love and appreciation, this week is about your starring role in healthcare as a steward of quality patient care.

Imagine what the healthcare industry would be like without caregivers like you showing up and putting in the work regardless of the circumstances.

It’d be a flop to say the least. And even if your patient stewardship flame is burning so hot it needs a plasma transfusion, it’s vital to your career and personal well-being to stay mindful of the aforementioned impressive dedication you infuse into patient satisfaction.

You’re stewards of patient care in addition to every other hat you wear. The age-old “it takes a village” mentality applies to the quality care patients interpret as receiving as well. Being known for your lead role in providing exceptional patient care is awesome, but it’s important for the entire facility to be focused on stewardship of care.

That means each healthcare cast member—from the people polishing the hallways and countertops to the permanent and traveling professionals to members of leadership setting (and practicing) a patient-centered tone—needs to perform their the number one role as patient stewards to win the collective Oscar.

With that said, we encourage you to take time to give yourself props for all you do in providing facilities across the country with quality patient care.

We also want to present the happy challenge of observing your shared environments to determine positive ways (big or small) you can empower others in this respect on assignments. Being intentional about this as a traveler can make a big impact. Basically, shine like the star you are, and others will feel the glow and want it more for themselves too!