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Bank a Bonus with Quality Referral

Mar 28, 2019 | Allied Healthcare, Recruiting, Travel Nursing

You’re a travel nurse or allied traveler for many reasons. Money is one of them, and we totally get it. Did you know your amazing circle of healthcare industry friends could help you pocket an extra $500 with a simple referral from you to LRS Healthcare? Yup!

Here’s how:

  1. Mention LRS Healthcare travel opportunities to your industry friends.
  2. Have them fill and submit out a quick LRS Healthcare medical travel application.
  3. Suggest a few great places to request for placement while we quickly process their application.
  4. Cash the $500 check we’ll send you after your friend successfully completes six weeks of their amazing assignment adventure.

You may even get to travel with them at some point. There’s medical facilities all across the country looking to fill multiple positions with qualified travelers. Why not double down on the buddy system, right?! Warning, you may be expected to pick up a tab or two for the pal you referred when traveling together. 😉

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Here are a few other details your referrals will want to know and won’t be able to help but love about traveling with LRS Healthcare:

  1. Get healthcare coverage on the first day of the month following your hire.
  2. Let us help you take care of securing temporary housing on assignment or hook you up with a housing $tipend.
  3. Receive licensure reimbursement when taking assignment with LRS Healthcare.
  4. Match your 401(k) with us after one year or 1,000 hours.
  5. Travel with fun, experienced recruiters by your metaphorical side (unless we get to meet up in person someday—that’s the best!)

LRS recruiter and travel nurse hugging in the airport.We know you’ll feel good about sending a referral friend to LRS Healthcare. And we put our money where our mouth is when it comes to that promise. Reach out any time with referral questions or to find your next travel adventure