Whether looking for a flexible working schedule or an additional source of income, many nurses are interested in finding great part-time nursing jobs. When it comes to flexibility, fewer hours can give a nurse the ability to schedule around a full-time job or a busy lifestyle in a way that works for their lives.

Here are some of the best flexible or part-time jobs for nurses.

Immunization Clinic

Temporary nursing jobs are great for nurses who are looking for a source of income in addition to their full-time job. One such job is to work at an immunization clinic. Just before flu season begins, a nurse may be able to grab a seasonal job administering flu shots at retirement homes, schools, and other places. Keep an eye on local job listing websites right before flu season to see if there are any opportunities in your area.

CPR or First Aid Instructor

You’ll have to become a certified instructor first, but working as a CPR or first aid instructor is an excellent way to earn additional money on a lighter schedule. The American Red Cross, along with other organizations, offer instructor training that doesn’t cost much. Check for job postings in papers and online, and reach out to boards of education, daycares, and private companies to find job opportunities.

Nursing Call Center

Another part-time job opportunity with flexible hours would be performing telephone triage at a nursing call center. Basically, you’ll be offering advice to callers on how to deal with medical situations. As these offerings become more popular with health insurance plans, more jobs will pop up around the country. FONEMED is a national triage line that could provide nursing job opportunities nationwide. Some telephone triage companies even allow you to work from home so you have complete control over your schedule.

Medical Transcriptions

For the ultimate flexibility, it’s tough to beat online nursing jobs. For example, medical transcription—that is, transcribing digital voice recordings of dictated medical reports—can be a great way to make money on a flexible schedule. You’ll need to take a course and become certified first, but after that, you’ll be able to work wherever you have a computer and internet connection.

Nursing Home

Nursing homes are typically in need of part-time assistance, so they can be good opportunities for nurses looking for a side job or a career with flexible hours. Of course, many nursing homes employ full-time registered nurses as well, but there are opportunities for weekend jobs in a variety of areas. Some jobs may require additional certification, like being a dietitian who helps out a couple of times a month.

Travel Nurse

Travel nursing isn’t a part-time job, but with clever scheduling, a nurse can still have time off throughout the year. When on assignment, a traveling nurse works full-time for a 13-week period. But by scheduling assignments several weeks apart, a traveling nurse can have plenty of vacation time if that’s what they’re after. A nurse could choose to work a 13-week assignment and then take a month off before starting another one. Plus, unlike other part-time jobs, a traveling nurse can easily increase their workload by taking on more assignments if they need the additional income.

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