Why You Should Be a Healthcare Traveler

Sep 9, 2020 | Allied Healthcare, Travel Nursing

Becoming a healthcare traveler is a life-changing decision and it is always helpful to have support when taking the leap into traveling! At LRS Healthcare, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional professional and personal growth through our travel opportunities.


Explore New Places Across the US


At LRS Healthcare, we have travel opportunities for all healthcare professionals in all 50 states. This allows for our travelers to explore in new major cities or more rural towns while working on their 13-week assignment. With more than 100+ openings nationwide, why not pick a new city to explore and do as the locals do! We have a designated travel team ready to set you up with the perfect housing for you as well as provide ideas of what to do during your off time!


Meet New Friends in Your Profession


Not only will travel open the door of opportunity to explore, what better way to do it then with new friends! Whether it be your mentor at the new facility you’re working at, to coworkers you work hand in hand with daily, or even the new friend you met in the cafeteria who works for a different department, the opportunities are endless to meet new people and create lifelong friendships.


Build your Resume with New, Unique Opportunities


The beauty of the travel healthcare profession is the choice to work where you want and when! Taking a week or two off in between travel jobs or staying at a travel facility for up to 364 days is very common among our travelers. At LRS Healthcare, we want to make your travel experience the best it can be by building on skills at your current facility or trying new settings to get the experience you crave. Our contracts put you in the driver seat for your career.


Work with Us!


Now of course we are bias, but we believe our company not only meets the needs of our travelers but exceeds them consistently. Our team receives extensive training to ensure they are not only knowledgeable but experts in their field when finding the right travel position for your needs! After being in the travel healthcare industry for 15+ years, we have provided 24/7 support for our travelers along with competitive pay and excellent benefits.


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