Travel nursing has numerous benefits, one of which is great pay. For many, the pay is how they determine where they want to work. Today, we take a look at some of the highest paying states for travel nurses.


Photo by Ian D. KeatingPhoto by Ian D. Keating

If you’re looking for great pay, California should be at the top of your list. Not only does California offer great pay for travel nurses, but they have unique overtime laws that give it an advantage over other states.

Nurses working longer than eight hour shifts will earn time-and-a-half during hours 8-12, and double time after 12 hours. Finally, parts of the state are known for offering 48-hour work weeks, giving nurses another opportunity to make more.

One thing to consider about travel nursing in California is which city to work in. Though San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are appealing, cost of living is higher, and pay rates aren’t always as good as other areas. Sacramento and cities in Central Valley like Fresno offer exceptional pay and reasonable cost of living.


MassachusettsPhoto by Justin Jensen

Massachusetts offers some of the highest pay rates in the nation but also comes with high cost of living, especially in and around Boston. But travel nurses can still find ways to pocket a significant portion of their check.

The high cost of living is somewhat balanced out by higher housing stipends, and nurses who are willing to live with roommates, or even in an RV, can really make a lot in Massachusetts.


Houston, TexasPhoto by Sarath Kuchi

There are multiple cities in Texas where travel nurses can make great money. Houston, San Antonio, and border cities like Laredo, McAllen, Brownsville, and El Paso all offer high pay rates on a regular basis.

In addition to great pay, 48-hour work weeks are available in Texas. It’s also a compact state, so it’s more convenient than states like California and Massachusetts to get licensure, meaning you can be placed faster. If pocketing a significant chuck of change is your primary goal, you can’t go wrong travel nursing in Texas.

North Dakota

Fargo, North DakotaPhoto by Fargo-Moorhead CVB

Following the oil boom, North Dakota is experiencing a significant nursing shortage. With brutally cold winters and without the amenities that other travel nursing destinations offer, hospitals in North Dakota offer high pay rates to attract nurses. Opportunities for 48-hour work weeks are also available in North Dakota. High pay rates combined with low cost of living equals you making great money.

It’s also easier to get licensure in North Dakota than other states. It’s a compact state, and even without a compact license, nurses can have a temporary license in under a week. If you’re looking to make good money right away, Travel nursing in North Dakota is a great choice.

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