How to Land a Fabulous New Assignment in the New Year

Jan 13, 2020 | Travel Nursing

Happy 2020, travelers! There’s nothing like a fresh beginning to inspire positive life changes, and with the flexibility of a career in medical traveling, you can follow your resolutions wherever they may take you.

You have the power to make 2020 your best career year yet. If you want to trade  small-town kid life for the bright lights of the big city, chase a contract in New York. If you want to reconnect with nature, pack your hiking boots and head west. 

No matter where this year calls you, LRS Healthcare will help you make the most of it. Before you start hunting down your 2020 dream job, consider these factors to chart your right course. 

Jump Right In

When your New Year’s goals push you to far-flung or high-demand corners of the country, you have to be ready to go on a moment’s notice to snag a spot. Contracts in Alaska, Hawaii and other popular destinations fill up quickly, so you need to have your paperwork in order before you apply. 

Get your licensing updated and cleared for wherever you’d like to work then communicate with your recruiter so they can get your foot in the door. Once you get to the interview stage of your dream assignment, make it known you’re willing to start at any time. Dream chasing isn’t always timely, so you have to be flexible and spontaneous.

Apply Strategically

Your ideal work destination could be filled up at certain times of the year. Winter is an extremely busy time for southern and tropical states as travelers flock away from the cold. Warm weather then draws people back north to fill positions in the Midwest and New England.

If you get locked out of your ideal assignment by the New Year’s rush, don’t be discouraged. Apply again, but be strategic with your timing. Work with your recruiter to find out when your destination has the highest need for travelers and submit your application then. Few places have availability all year long, so plan ahead to go where you want.

Don’t Neglect Your Deal Breakers

Medical travel professionals have an uncanny ability to go with the flow, but adaptability has its limits. While you may be willing to compromise on work hours, housing or pay for your ideal location, hold fast to your assignment must-haves. It’s not worth being in a dream place if you don’t have what you need to enjoy it.

Some travelers need housing with a kitchen to make their own meals while some require certain shifts for the sake of their families or pets. When an assignment meets your basic necessities, you can actually take advantage of what the location has to offer. Your recruiter will be your best advocate for these needs as you chase a new assignment.

Travel with Pride

Medical travelers are driven, independent, strong and proud to live life to the fullest. At LRS Healthcare, nothing makes us happier than watching our travelers thrive in the field.

As you embark on your 2020 adventure with LRS Healthcare, show your medical traveler pride with a free, custom designed LRS luggage tag. Claim your free luggage tag today, and contact your recruiter to begin your year of amazing travel.