Earlier this month, the team wrote a post on GypsyNurse.com about ways a traveling medical professional can (and should) carve out a little more me time.

Self-care is such an important and often underprioritized practice. As outlined in our Gypsy post, intentionally incorporating “me time” into your daily routine is simpler than it might sound. We refer to the practice as micro-moments—little ways to avoid burnout and be your best self.

Since then, we’ve challenged ourselves to carve out more time for self-care, and in true LRS fashion, the team found a way to have fun with it.

Two LRS Healthcare staffers share a coffee break outdoors

Fresh air and fresh java—what’s better than that? Social Media Recruiters Jill Haney and Chantel Barber cheers to a quick nature break.


LRS Healthcare staffer wrapped up in a blanked taking a power nap on his break.

No, it’s not a burrito baby. It’s Jake Reynoso, recruiter, nabbing a power nap on his break.


Three LRS Healthcare staffers practicing yoga during a break.

Jill Haney, social media recruiter, Patrick Buckley, director of strategy, and Jessi Parker, lead generation specialist, take a positive pause for this in-office om break.


LRS staffer makes time for a healthy snack during his busy day.

Joe Stillman, national staffing manager and team lead, takes a bite out of future brain fatigue with a fresh fruit break.