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How to Love Where You Live on Assignment

Apr 30, 2019 | Allied Healthcare, Company Culture, Recruiting, Travel Nursing

Travel nurses and allied medical travelers swap where they live every few months on average. That’s a real estate market with real potential to make or break your assignment adventure.

Needless to say, there’s a lot to consider in regard to your homes away from home. LRS Healthcare’s dedicated traveler experience crew teams up with travelers to make sure you live in a space that lives up to the experience you’re expecting from each assignment.

Here’s a quick rundown on what to expect when house hunting with team LRS.


1. Fill out an LRS Healthcare housing form. 


It’s a simple one-pager outlining when and where you’re going. We will also want to know what type of housing you’re interested in and who might be riding shotgun during your stay (furry friends included). You can also provide any special notes you’d like share with us.


2. Hear from your LRS Healthcare Traveler Experience Specialist. 


Together, we’ll review your responses to explore options and dive into your world on a deeper level to understand your wants, needs and interests. Getting to know each other on a more meaningful level than a piece of paper can provide helps your traveler experience specialist place you in the best spot to enjoy what’s around you while you’re around it. #nameofthegame


3. Find your next home away from home. 


The relationship you and your traveler experience specialist built really is the linchpin to the landing a location that meets as many wants and needs as possible. Your specialist will do everything in his or her power to accommodate your best options and match you with much more than four safe, secure walls to live in.

“Our emphasis on making travel is an experience, not just a destination. Our travelers are in a fantastic position to experience all 50 states and what each state has to offer—all while getting a really great paycheck! The LRS team enjoys learning what our travelers want to experience during their off-time too. It’s important to each one of us to include options for foodies, hikers, art-enthusiasts and those who want to enjoy quiet time at the beach or exploring a big city. Whatever it is, we find it! We strive to incorporate what a city or small town has to offer so every traveler can immerse themselves in the environment long before he or she arrives. It’s almost as if we get to visit the country alongside each and every traveler—how lucky are we? We love this job!” —Christine Stogdill, LRS Healthcare Travel Experience Supervisor


“The housing selection process is an important part of the travel experience, and it’s not a black and white process. It’s a privilege to help our travel friends navigate those gray areas, many of which open doors to really cool opportunities like staying near bike trails, in the heart of a downtown area or even trying out the RV lifestyle. We listen, we find creative solutions, we stay connected and we value their experience as if it were our own.” — Nicole Vrudney, LRS Healthcare Director of Quality Assurance

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