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Meet the Clinical Nurse Liaison Team

May 9, 2022 | Allied Healthcare, Travel Nursing

To make your travel healthcare journey as seamless as possible, LRS has skilled recruiters, account managers, and credentialing specialists along with a talented clinical nurse liaison team who are ready to assist you. We have a team of clinical nurse liaisons to help recruiters and travelers navigate the complexities of the travel healthcare industry. Having worked in a variety of healthcare facilities, each member of our clinical team has extensive experience as a healthcare professional which helps them personally relate to travelers’ situations. These nurses are your go-to gals if you have any clinical questions when on assignment. Don’t hesitate to reach out! To celebrate Nurses Week, let’s meet our clinical nurse liaison team and learn more about them and gain some of their valuable advice.


How did you get into nursing and what drew you into nursing?

Carrie: There wasn’t a set moment I can think of that made me want to become a nurse. From the get-go, I was always interested in the healthcare field. When I was in high school, I needed to have back surgery and had a phenomenal nurse take care of me. You could tell it was more than just a job and she really wanted to make sure I was okay and fully rehabilitated. I remember her coming to my room and braiding my hair to make sure I felt my best and comfortable. That experience really opened my eyes to the career of becoming a nurse one day.

Betsy: Nursing is my second career – my first career was in Public Relations and Marketing, but I got laid off after 9/11 and I wanted a change. My mom is a nurse, I was always fascinated by her stories, and I’ve always been interested in biology and how the human body works. So, I went back to school at age 29 and did the accelerated BSN program at Indiana University.

Megan: I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a nurse. As a child, I was in the ER frequently with asthma attacks and I was drawn to the excitement of the fast-paced environment. Never knowing what would walk through the door but being able to handle any situation and touch lives.


How long have you been working as a healthcare nursing professional and what departments did you work in?

Carrie: I have been a nurse for almost 10 years. Most of my experience was bedside in the Emergency Department, pre-op, post-op, and rehabilitation. I thoroughly enjoyed bringing peace and comfort to situations that can be chaotic within the Emergency Department.

Betsy: I’ve been a nurse for 16 years, and I started out on a Transplant PCU floor. Then I transferred into the PACU and PreOp. I’ve worked mostly in a level 1 trauma center, but I’ve also worked in a smaller community hospital, a level 2 trauma center, and ambulatory surgery centers. Before I became a nurse I worked as a CNA as well.

Megan: I have worked in healthcare for 25 years. I started in the ER as Care Tech right out of High School. I transitioned to an ICU and ER RN after graduating with my BSN. I worked as a staff ICU RN for one year than in the ER for 10 years. Most recently, I worked as a House Supervisor at Methodist Women’s Hospital for 12 years.


What is your primary role as a clinical nurse liaison?

Carrie: Throughout my day, I usually work on the phone with nurses! Typically, ensuring that they are comfortable and confident about their travel assignments. When there is a problem, I’m here to fix it and coach recruiters and account managers on how they can be there for nurses and travelers. Our travelers are always welcome to contact us if they need advice while on assignment or when searching for their next assignment. I like to help them by providing resources and coaching.


Why did you decide to switch to the LRS clinical nurse liaison position?

Betsy: I worked as a Nurse Recruiter for a level 1 trauma center for about 4 years, which I really enjoyed. I hired both perm staff and travelers and worked as a local agency nurse, so I know what it’s like to just be thrown into a facility with little training and just “figure it out.” So, I’ve worked on the facility side as well as the nursing side and this was a perfect blend of both.


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Why is the clinical nurse liaison team so important to travel healthcare workers?

Megan: Having a Clinical Nurse Liaison that is comprised of nurses with a variety of experiences is so important to the success of a healthcare traveler. We can be the clinical support system for them when they encounter a clinical concern. We can help navigate new policies and requirements. Sometimes they just need a listening ear when they’ve had a rough day and need some guidance and reassurance.


How did your clinical /bedside nursing experience help you in your nurse liaison position today?

Betsy: I use my clinical experience all day, every day. When speaking with our travelers, I understand their experiences since I’ve gone through many of them myself. I’m also able to translate the clinical language to our recruiters and account managers which helps them better serve our travelers.


What is your biggest challenge that the clinical team faces? As well as the biggest reward?

Carrie: The biggest challenge is working through today’s healthcare system issues that directly affect our traveler’s day to day work. The biggest reward is working through challenges and watching our travelers be successful; ultimately improving healthcare.


What’s some advice to new medical travelers?

Carrie: If you need any assistance, I am always here to help. Feel free to contact us if you haven’t met our clinical team! I am always excited to meet new travelers and learn more about their travel adventures!

Betsy: Do your own research and ask questions about contracts. Make sure you know as much as you can about the facility’s expectations and ensure that your skillset matches them. That’s always the best recipe for success!

Megan: The most important advice I can give is to keep a positive attitude and always lead with compassion and empathy. You have the amazing opportunity to help others in their time of need no matter what field you are in. That impact can be life-changing to the patient and/or family you are helping. That is amazing!


The LRS Healthcare Clinical Team is there to support you throughout your healthcare journey! Our team aims to provide you with the best possible travel experience, and they provide a listening ear when needed!

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