Meet Molly, a travel nurse who paid off $70K-plus in student loans in two-and-a-half years.

Molly's Instagram post smiling and holding a sign that say's $70,419.10 paid off in 2.5 years

Yeah, we’d be smiling too. And we wanted to know what motivated her to warp speed her student loan payoff and how she was able to turn $70,419.10 of student loan debt into a distant memory in such a short period of time.





Cracking the interest code.

Molly’s “why” is one that most people know: Interest is a fool’s game. (Our words, not hers.) The way to not get played by it is to make more than the minimum payment while remaining in check with your personal budget.

A .gif of Spock nodding with a caption that reads, "Logical."“Everyone talks about paying off student loan debt because it’s a burden and because of the interest,” Molly said. “So I started off paying small amounts early on and bigger chunks as my travel nurse career began providing me with larger paychecks.”



Fast-tracking her student loan payoff.

There are many factors involved when a person is considering increasing their student loan payments. Molly’s biggest piece of advice, “Do what works for you.”

“For me,” she explains, “I always made sure I had enough to pay my bills each month and take care of necessities. I also focused on having a ‘safety net’ in my bank account, just in case something unexpected came up.”

Molly went on to explain that with her current situation—no mortgage, kids, etc.—putting those travel nurse paychecks to good use was the best move to make.

“It made sense for me to use more of my paycheck, which wasn’t really accruing any interest or doing anything by sitting in the bank, to pay off my loan,” Molly said. “My sister had mentioned a few Dave Ramsey tips, and I didn’t follow them strictly, but the concept of focusing on paying off one big bill at a time and really making it a priority worked for me.” #priorities

“I’d spent the last year as a travel nurse in Colorado and Washington and was able to increase my payments even more thanks to the travel pay and just being a reasonable spender,” Molly explained. “Overall, there’s really no secret to tackling a big bill like student loans—just make it a priority, stick to a budget and consistently pay more when you can.”

Making that final payment.

“It felt so good knowing more of my hard-earned money was actually going to be mine,” she said. “It was a proud moment and really the best thing I could have done for myself up to this point.”

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(Get ‘em, girl!)