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The Best Podcasts for Travel Nurses

Apr 5, 2023 | Travel Nursing




Did you know that podcasting and listening to podcasts has never been more popular? In fact, there are currently around 100 million active listeners each month in the US alone. In addition to receiving advice, learning something new, and just for fun, the rise in popularity of podcasts has given listeners a sense of community and being heard. And yes, there are a ton of podcasts created for nurses just like yourself! Don’t stress about being overwhelmed with all the different options, we’ve narrowed down the best podcasts for travel nurses at any stage in your career. Get ready for your next road trip to or from an assignment with some of the most popular podcasts for nurses!


The Nurse Keith Show

Stay informed every Thursday with a new episode from the Nurse Keith podcast! Hosted by Nurse Keith himself, an RN, Board Certified Nursing Coach, and specialist in Holistic Healing. The podcast focuses on providing career advice to ambitious and forward-looking nurses by interviewing some of the most inspiring leaders in the healthcare industry to discuss a variety of informative topics including personal growth, career management, entrepreneurship, and the healthcare industry along with some enlightening discussions from guest speakers.


Good Nurse Bad Nurse

If you don’t listen already, this one is a must! Get ready for an amusing and entertaining podcast that tells a variety of nursing-related stories from the perspectives of the “good nurse”, who is fun and encouraging, and the “bad nurse” who is more mysterious and deep. This a podcast for those who love listening to interesting and wild stories! A new episode is released roughly every week, so tune in for a new guest to discuss hot topics, industry trends, and their nursing career.



Vintage Traveling Nurse

Tune into the VTN podcast, your one-stop shop for all things nursing. Created for nursing students, new nurses, travel nurses, and nurses seeking entrepreneurship. “A space created with YOU in mind” and, hosted by Mynoucka, this podcast is focused on helping you live the life you’ve always dreamed of as a nurse! Each episode covers subjects such as personal growth, entrepreneurship, side jobs, travel nursing advice, etc. to help you live your life to the fullest while advancing your nursing career.


Drunk or Delirious?

Calling all night shift nurses! When you’re exhausted at the end of a shift and are not sure if you feel drunk or delirious, you are NOT alone. Hannah and Emilie are both travel RNs that have worked their fair share of night shifts and can relate! To talk about their nursing experience, travel nursing, dating, and self-care while sharing stories from other nurses, they established the Drunk or Delirious podcast. Enjoy over 50 episodes to listen to on your next road trip!


TravCon: Travel Nursing & Allied Life

Last but not least, a five-series podcast that focuses on healthcare travel hosted by the TravCon team! It is great for travel nurses and allied health travelers to stay updated on industry trends, hear from TravCon speakers, get the scoop on newbie news, and enjoy tips from experienced travelers during the healthcare traveler minute series. Overall, this is a great resource for all travelers to navigate their careers whether you are just starting your healthcare travel adventure or are a seasoned traveler.

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Check out the podcasts above if you’re searching for something fun to listen to on your day off, while driving to and from an assignment, or if you just want to hear relatable and educational stories from nurses like yourself. We’ve got you covered for everything nursing-related, including career advice, market trends, interesting nursing stories, and self-care. Download a few episodes, find your next travel assignment here, and start a new adventure.