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The Truth and Myths About Travel Healthcare

Sep 28, 2022 | Allied Healthcare, Travel Nursing


If the world of travel healthcare is unfamiliar to you, you may have some concerns about taking on a new role, especially one that involves travel. However, we are here to address the most common myths about traveling and provide some truth to those statements. In this blog post, we combined our frequent new traveler questions with industry myths and shared what it’s like traveling with LRS Healthcare. When you’re ready to experience your first travel assignment, gain new skills and connections, and explore a new city, we’ll be waiting for you!


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All Assignments Are the Same

Myth Busted: LRS Healthcare has available assignments nationwide for all professions! Every assignment varies by pay, location, bed count, daily duties, and staff on-site. These variables are something to consider for those interested in an urban versus a rural assignment and vice versa. Thinking about taking a rural assignment? Check out Reasons to Take A Rural Travel Assignment to see what rural assignments have to offer.


You Can’t Travel Locally

Myth Busted: It’s important to note that not all medical staffing agencies and hospitals provide “local” assignments for travelers. LRS Healthcare considers assignments that are within a 75-mile radius of your permanent tax residence as “local” assignments. For hospitals that accept “local” travelers, pay is taxable and stipends aren’t typically provided. However, if you plan on traveling 75 miles or more, you’ll be able to take advantage of stipends.


Travelers Get the Worst Shifts

Myth Busted: As a healthcare traveler, you have the freedom to dictate your career. That means choosing your shifts, where you want to go, and the type of facility. However, keep in mind that traveling healthcare careers are a thing due to the shortage of healthcare and nursing professionals—therefore shifts vary and it’s important to be flexible when considering a travel assignment.


All Assignments Are 13 Weeks

Myth Busted: Most travel assignments are 13 weeks, but occasionally you will find some a little longer or shorter. This time frame allows travelers to take full advantage of this opportunity, connect with fellow healthcare professionals, and discover everything that your new city has to offer. If you find yourself unable to part with your current assignment and the city, you can always request an extension!


It’s Difficult to Find Temporary Housing

Myth Busted: Something unique about LRS Healthcare is our devoted Travel Experience team! Our team is ready to help meet your accommodations and find you furnished housing (if that’s what you’re looking for). Not your vibe? Feel free to opt to take our generous stipend! We want you to be confident, comfortable, and safe throughout the duration of your healthcare assignment. Here are a few tips for securing housing to get you started.


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Travelers Don’t Get Great Benefits

Myth Busted: At LRS Healthcare, our travelers are offered full benefits to support their mental and physical well-being. We offer beyond-the-basic benefits including affordable medical, dental, and vision insurance, competitive pay, housing stipends, licensure reimbursement, certification reimbursement, 401(k) with employer match, referral bonuses, and 24-hour support.


Pay is the Same for Every Job

Myth Busted: Different states offer different benefits such as pay. If you are looking for higher pay, this may be something to consider. Pay can vary due to other factors as well, such as the job, facility, and agency you work with. Something else to pay attention to is whether job boards or sites promote jobs that display pay before or after taxes and include or exclude travel and housing stipends.


There Are No Cons to Traveling

Myth Busted: Being the new person is never easy, but don’t worry it’s expected to need some time to get comfortable in your new job and location, and taxes can be more complicated with several W-2s. When it comes to travel nursing and allied jobs, there are minimal cons. But if you need some extra support, your recruiter will be right by your side and available whenever you need them.


You Can’t Travel with Children, Pets, or Spouses

Myth Busted: This myth is bogus! Many healthcare travelers travel as a family using resources like RVs, homeschooling, and available stipends. We want our healthcare travelers to feel comfortable in their homes away from home. For tips on traveling with pets, click here.


There are numerous perks of traveling and the best part is that it’s all in your control. Our team handles the behind-the-scenes work and acts as your travel guide to make the transition simple and stress-free. It can be hard to cut through the noise of what’s true or false, but our team is ready to answer any questions you may have honestly. Doing so allows us to provide our travelers with the best experience possible. If you’re ready to take on the world of travel healthcare, quick apply here!