Texas is one of the most popular destinations for travel nurses. The state has countless healthcare facilities and plenty of openings for travel RNs, and it’s a marked destination for travel nurses looking for high pay rates. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to know before you head to the Lone Star State for an assignment!

Choosing a Location in Texas

RNs looking for traveling assignments in Texas will have to choose between great cities, such as Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas.

Travel Nursing in Houston

Houston and its surrounding metro is a very popular destination for nurses. One of the big reasons is because of its high pay rates. At the time this article was written (July 2016), Houston probably has the best pay rates in Texas, followed by San Antonio.

With Texas already being among the top group of states for the highest nursing salaries (adjusted for cost of living), being in the highest paying city within Texas means nurses can make good money in Houston.

But that isn’t all. The facilities in Houston are top-notch, it’s an incredible city with lots to do, it’s near the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s not that far from other major cities like Austin and San Antonio. For these same reasons, surrounding areas like Pearland, Pasadena, and even Galveston are popular destinations for our travel nurses at LRS.

Travel Nursing in San Antonio

As previously mentioned, San Antonio is right behind Houston when it comes to pay rates. This combined with constant openings for travel RNs, makes it a popular destination for travel nurses. In our experience, nurses love their time in San Antonio.

The city itself is beautiful and has so much to do. It’s also not as chaotic as Houston, so nurses who don’t want to live in the nation’s fourth largest city will enjoy a bit slower pace in San Antonio. The one downside of San Antonio’s location versus Houston is that it’s separated from the Gulf of Mexico. For nurses who want to be near the water and have access to the beach, the drive to Corpus Christi is a little over two hours.

Travel Nursing in Austin

Austin is our most recommended location for travel nurses at LRS Healthcare. This is especially true with young nurses. Austin is well-known for its energetic and unique culture, which is very appealing to nurses who are looking for new experiences in their next assignments.

Because of Austin’s appeal, pay rates are a bit lower than pay rates in areas like Houston or San Antonio. There’s no shortage of traveling RNs who want to experience Austin for themselves, and staff nurses love being in Austin so there’s less turnover than other cities in Texas. Austin still has good pay rates, but it won’t be the place for those who are looking for the highest pay possible.

Travel Nursing in Dallas

Dallas has plenty of travel nursing opportunities. The city itself and the surrounding metro is full of opportunities for travel RNs. Irving, Arlington, Fort Worth, Plano, and even McKinney always have openings. If you want to be in Dallas, we shouldn’t have any trouble finding an opportunity for you.

As far as bill rates go, Dallas is similar to Austin. The pay rates are very solid, especially in comparison to pay rates in most states around the nation, but they’re not at the same level as areas like Houston and San Antonio.

Travel Nursing in Other Areas of Texas

Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas are the four most popular destinations in Texas, but there are plenty of opportunities in other areas as well.

Amarillo, Abilene, Lubbock, and Waco are other areas throughout the state where positions are open regularly. These are great destinations for nurses who aren’t enthusiastic about living in large cities.

Cities such as Laredo, McAllen, Brownsville, and El Paso also need nurses regularly. In fact, these cities often have rates that are among the best in Texas. With these cities being located near the Texas-Mexico border, Spanish-speaking nurses are in high demand in these locations.

Other Considerations

Beyond locations, there are a few things you should know about taking a travel nursing job in Texas.

Licensure in Texas

Texas is a compact state, making it incredibly easy for nurses to move into Texas to work from out-of-state. For nurses without a compact license, obtaining licensure in Texas is still easier than other states. It typically takes two-three weeks. It’s important to understand that you must have an active license before we can submit you for any positions.

Nurses Have Plenty of Options

One of the great things about Texas is that cities like Houston and San Antonio have so many hospitals that if someone loves the city they’re in, we can find a way for them to stay. If their hospital isn’t going to extend them or they like the city but don’t like the hospital, we’re almost always able to find another position for them in town.

Spanish Speaking Nurses are in High Demand

Speaking Spanish is by no means a requirement, but it is something that facilities throughout Texas value highly, especially further south in the state.

If you’re interested in travel nursing jobs in Texas, contact us today! Our friendly recruiters will help you find an opportunity that fits your needs.