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3 Medical Travel Tips From Your Recruiter

Jan 31, 2020 | Travel Nursing

The most experienced medical travel recruiter has been around the block—and jump at the chance to make magic happen for their travelers. No one creates an amazing career alone, and recruiters can be a traveler’s ultimate champion.

In the medical travel industry, a recruiter wears several hats and sees multiple perspectives. They advise, educate, and mentor travelers from the moment they decide to begin their travel career. LRS Healthcare recruiters know the needs of different medical facilities and match the best candidate to each position. Recruiters pay attention to each traveler’s skills and interests to find the most fulfilling assignments.

Recruiters keeps the pulse on the medical travel industry and has wisdom to share to make travel life easier. Here are three key tips from recruiters to help you make awesome career moves and get the most out of your travel experience.

Set your priorities, but be flexible

There are thousands of medical jobs out there, so narrowing down the best for you can be a tall order. Steer your recruiter in the right direction by telling them your must-haves. Talk about location, hours, housing and type of medical facility. It still may take a while to hone in on the best assignments for you, but their suggestions will better align with what you want.

That being said, flexibility and adaptability are key to landing a great contract. While there are plenty of medical positions available, you may have to compromise a bit to work within your time frame. Regardless, know your recruiter has your best interest at heart and will work hard to find an assignment you’ll love.

Stay in contact with your recruiter

Once you start an assignment, keep your recruiter updated on  your job—good or bad. When they know how you’re feeling, they can help you get in the right frame of mind to plan your next assignment or career move. Recruiters think months ahead, and if you stay in touch with your recruiter, you’ll be more prepared to transition to the next contract. 

Preventable obstacles like late paperwork shouldn’t prevent you from taking an exciting new opportunity. Your recruiter will help you get squared away for your next job, but only if you tell them what you want to do.

We’re all in this together

Nothing makes recruiters happier than when their travelers land an amazing new assignment. Recruiters will make connections and dig through databases to match each traveler with the best medical facility for them. However, they can’t find your perfect job without your help.

Your recruiter wants to show off how awesome of a candidate you are, so they need to know all about your credentials, capabilities and experience. In order to give yourself the best chance and the assignment you want, work with your recruiter to create a profile of your career that sells you to potential employers. Above all, recruiters want you to succeed, so they’re your best teammate.

If you’re ready to embark on a medical travel adventure or find a new assignment, reach out to LRS Healthcare and get teamed up with one of our amazing recruiters.


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