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Learn more about our excellent job opportunities for Respiratory Therapists with rewarding life experiences and incredible benefits!

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We Provide Incredible Opportunities for Respiratory Therapists

LRS Healthcare is not only an industry leader in medical staffing, but we also provide lasting experiences for those who seek job opportunities in the medical field. We offer excellent job opportunities for Respiratory Therapists that come with rewarding life experiences, like the chance to explore new cities while working around the country.

Why Become a Traveling Respiratory Therapist?

You’ll get to work all around the country on different assignments, allowing you to experience living in new cities and see new sights. Our traveling Vascular Tech jobs will also provide you with the opportunity to work at some of the best hospitals across the nation and the ability to earn more money than you would at a permanent position.

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We Don’t Waste Any Time

As soon as you submit a Skills Assessment Test as a Respiration Therapist, we immediately assign a LRS Healthcare representative to your application. We contact all applicants as soon as possible, sometimes within the very same day. By ensuring that we don’t waste your time, you’ll be able to start your next job as a Respiratory Therapist and get back to doing what you love.

We Market Our Employees

LRS Healthcare has a strong reputation among hospitals and healthcare facilities as a medical staffer, but we use more than our reputation to get you a new traveling Respiratory Therapy job. By taking the time to get to know you, we’ll be better equipped to market you to potential employers. Our recruiters will work hard to get you great opportunities as a Respiratory Care Practitioner all around the country.

We’re Here For You

From the moment you sign on with LRS Healthcare you’ll be paired with a personal recruiter that will work with you throughout the extent of your time with us. This allows you to establish a trusting relationship with your recruiter that will help them better serve your needs. Furthermore, a LRS Healthcare professional will always be a simple phone call away if you have any questions or concerns.

Incredible Benefits



LRS Healthcare provides excellent insurance from a nationally respected PPO, which is critical when we have Respiratory Therapists positioned all around the country. No matter where you’re working, you’ll be covered for medical, dental, and vision.


Whether you’re traveling across the country or working close to home, LRS Healthcare provides you with fully furnished private housing or a housing stipend. If you choose the housing option, you can even customize your furnishings to fit your needs and taste so you can feel right at home.

Licensure Reimbursement

Don’t let state licenses limit your travel Respiratory Therapy job opportunities. LRS Healthcare will reimburse you for any licensure you obtain prior to an assignment with us. We’ll also provide you with licensing information for all 50 states so you can be well prepared before accepting a position.

Continuing Education

Education is ongoing in the medical industry. LRS Healthcare is here to help you find, schedule, and pay for any and all certifications that are required for you to maintain your status as a Certified Medical Professional.

Long-Term and Short Term Disability Insurance

Unfortunate circumstances can happen to anyone at any time. LRS Healthcare offers long and short-term disability to help supplement your income in case an accident prevents you from working.

Life Insurance

Being covered is important for those who are supporting a family and other loved ones. LRS Healthcare offers inexpensive life insurance that will make sure you leave something behind for your loved ones.


Saving for retirement is important to everyone, which is why LRS Healthcare provides a great 401k plan for our employees. You’ll be fully vested after an initial investment so you can take advantage of our generous match. Plus, enjoy the flexibility to choose your own contribution and roll your plan over at any time.

Referral Bonus

You’ll be rewarded every time you refer someone, whether it’s a traveling or permanent employee, to LRS Healthcare. Once they complete 6 weeks with us, you’ll receive a $250 referral bonus. It’s that easy!


24-Hour Support

Our LRS Healthcare representatives are just a phone call away, 24 hours a day. For more urgent matters, you’ll also be given the emergency contact number of your personal LRS recruiter.

Choosing LRS Healthcare as Your Traveling Respiratory Therapist Agency

At LRS Healthcare, we place a high value on establishing relationships with our healthcare professionals. As a traveling Respiratory Therapist, you’ll work with one recruiter throughout your entire time with us, allowing the two of you to get to know each other. We believe this allows your recruiter to best serve your interests by helping you find assignments that truly fit your goals. Enjoy great pay, excellent benefits, and a recruiter that puts you in a position to succeed.

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