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LRS Healthcare can lend a hand to take your nursing career to new heights and places.

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We Provide Travel Nursing Opportunities Without Boundaries

As an industry leader in healthcare staffing, we work to connect you with travel nursing jobs at top of the line facilities in the locations you’ve always wanted to live and visit. LRS is truly a full service medical staffing agency, so we take care of everything from housing and travel expenses to your itinerary, too.

We understand that travel nursing is a passion, which is why we’re determined to help amplify your personal and career growth through placement. We identify both temporary and permanent positions for candidates, and even some temp-to-perm positions that begin as 13-week programs.

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Nursing career opportunities with LRS Healthcare

Travel Nursing


Registered Nurse (RN)



We Don't Waste Any Time

Once you’ve finished our Skills Assessment for travel nursing, we begin working with you right away to promptly get the next steps in place. Often times, you’ll even hear from an LRS Healthcare representative within the same day. With less time wasted during the in-between phases, we’re able to get you on the job and working your niche as soon as possible.

We Market Our Employees

Connected to leading medical facilities and hospitals all across the nation, LRS Healthcare is committed to marketing your abilities to the best in the industry. After signing on with LRS Healthcare, you’ll be paired with a recruiter who will actively promote your unique skills to top industry professionals, helping to secure your next adventure as a travel nurse.

We're Here For You

We’re committed to building long-term professional relationships, and it shows. Your designated LRS Healthcare representative is more than just an average recruiter, as they continue to work for you throughout the entire duration of your employment with us. This means that when the timeline of your first job comes to a close, they’re already working to match you with your next travel nursing position in the location of your choice (with options for couples traveling, too!).

Specialized Travel Nursing Jobs

LRS Healthcare provides travel nursing jobs for all positions including job opportunities for the following specialties.

NICU travel nurse

NICU Nursing Jobs

If you specialize in neonatal nursing, LRS Healthcare can help you take your career to exciting new places. Discover great NICU travel nurse jobs in some of the best facilities all across the country. Be free to explore opportunities in new locations.

travelling ICU nurse

ICU Nursing Jobs

Critical care nurses can take their careers to the next level with LRS Healthcare. Discover more job opportunities than ever before in hospitals all over the country. Hit the road with one of our many ICU travel nursing jobs.

Emergency Room nurse

ER Nurse Jobs

If you thrive in the emergency room, LRS Healthcare can open up exciting new career opportunities for you as a traveling ER nurse. Travel to new cities as an emergency room nurse while earning a great paycheck with incredible benefits.

nurses in operating room

Operating Room Nurse Jobs

If your expertise is being an operating room nurse, LRS Healthcare is able to provide you with rewarding career opportunities anywhere in the country. With our flexible career options, you can find a traveling operating nurse job in the city of your dreams.

PACU nurse

PACU Nurse Jobs

If you excel at postanesthesia nursing, find your next job opportunity through LRS Healthcare. Travel the country with exceptional PACU travel nurse jobs in top facilities. Traveling jobs allow you to live in new cities and take advantage of incredible benefits that include free housing.

Labor & Delivery nurses with patient

Labor and Delivery Nurse Jobs

If your passion lies in labor and delivery, take your career on the road with LRS Healthcare with one of our travel nursing jobs. We offer flexible career options that allow you to live in cities all across the country while working as a labor and delivery nurse.

travel telemetry nurse

Telemetry Jobs

If your passion lies in telemetry, LRS Healthcare is here to provide amazing career opportunities as a telemetry nurse all across the country. Combine your passion for traveling with your career and enjoy increase pay with excellent benefits, including free housing.

travelling nurses during surgical procedure

Medical Surgical Nursing Jobs

If your expertise lies in the operating room, LRS Healthcare is able to provide amazing career opportunities and experiences for medical surgical nurses. Take your career to new heights with a traveling position that comes with better pay and incredible benefits.

Outstanding Benefits



No matter where your travel nursing job is located in the country, you can receive insurance coverage for dental, medical, and vision from our affordable insurance provider.


Though your location may change, LRS will always provide you with fully furnished private housing or a housing stipend with each move. You’ll receive pictures of the housing and its address beforehand for your approval, with customizable furnishing options incorporated into the package.

Licensure Reimbursement

You don’t have to worry about the cost of any licensure obtained before working with us or any new state licenses you obtain while with us—we’ll cover the expense. With the travel nursing licensing information guidelines on-hand for all 50 states, we will assist in making sure the evolution of state licenses never hinders your spontaneous opportunities as a travel nurse.

Continuing Education

We understand that achieving your travel nursing education certifications is an ongoing journey, so we’ll help schedule and pay for any necessary certifications for your Certified Medical Professional Status. Whether you’re working for CPR and ACLS, or TNCC and PALS, your educational pursuits are as important to us as they are to you.

Long-Term and Short Term Disability Insurance

In an event of the unexpected, we provide both long-term and short-term disability if you’re ever left unable to work for a period of time.

Life Insurance

We offer affordable life insurance coverage to assure the security of your family and their well-being.


LRS Healthcare is proud to offer a competitive 401k plan for our nurses. You’ll be fully vested after an initial investment so you can take advantage of our generous match. Plus, you’ll have the flexibility to roll over your plan at any time and can easily adjust your contribution level.

Referral Bonus

Know someone else interested in travel nursing jobs or other areas of the healthcare industry? Refer them to LRS Healthcare and you’ll receive a $500 referral bonus after their sixth completed week of assignment.


24-Hour Support

Regardless of what you need or when you need it, you can reach out to a LRS Healthcare representative at all hours of the day. Once officially employed by LRS, you’ll receive a 24-hour emergency number to contact your recruiter with any questions or concerns.