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FAQs for the Traveler and Staffing


Frequently asked questions relating to staffing, new healthcare travelers, and seasoned travelers.

This page provides help with the most common questions concerning the new healthcare traveler, the seasoned travelers, and staffing for clinics and facilities. If you do not find a satisfactory answer we encourage you to reach out to your account manager directly or submit your question in the form below. Once we have received your message we will respond to you in [time frame].


New/Prospective LRS Travelers

How do I get started as a healthcare traveler?

First, submit an online application, and we’ll be in touch to learn more about you and what you’re looking for. Once we’ve gotten to know you and matched you to an ideal travel healthcare position, we’ll work together to collect the rest of the details to get you started on your travel adventure.

What are the advantages of being a healthcare traveler?

Adventures, opportunities, expanding your network and skillset are just a few of the advantages of traveling as a healthcare worker. You’ll get paid to explore the country and build your resume by working in a variety of facilities throughout the country. Check out our articles, Why You Should Be a Healthcare Traveler and Becoming a Healthcare Traveler for the Right Reasons for more information.

Why should I choose LRS Healthcare as my agency?

Choosing a healthcare staffing agency that prioritizes you around the clock is essential. At LRS, we value our travelers day and night, building lasting relationships. As an LRS traveler, you get access to our benefits. Plus, our Clinical Nurse Liaison team is available during business hours to guide you through the travel healthcare industry.

What facilities do you staff?

We work with hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities nationwide. Need staffing solutions? Fill out a request here.

What job positions do you staff?

We offer travel assignments for nursing, long-term care, cardiopulmonary, imaging, medical laboratory and therapy professionals nationwide.

What are the requirements for traveling with LRS Healthcare?

Healthcare traveler requirements vary by assignment, facility, and state. For a smooth process, we recommend that:

  • Ensure all licenses and certifications are up to date before you apply.
  • Keep medical records updated and ready for submission.
  • Be prepared to secure any additional required licenses.
  • Ideally, have at least 2 years of experience in your role. Two years of experience isn’t always required, but most facilities prefer it.

Don't have 2 years of experience? Apply anyway! Our Recruiters can help guide your journey into healthcare traveling.

How far in advance can I apply for a travel job?

If you see a travel healthcare assignment you are interested in, apply as soon as possible! Most opportunities fill within a few days of being posted and it can take some time to get you fully credentialed. Speaking with a Recruiter will help identify similar healthcare travel jobs at other facilities you might be a good fit for as well.

How quickly can I start my assignment?

Once you have accepted an offer, onboarding and credentialing for healthcare travel assignments typically takes 5-10 business days but can vary depending on several factors including the turnaround time for verification of multiple records. To expedite your onboarding, be sure to have your licensure, certification, and medical documents updated in LRS Connect as soon as possible.

How long are travel healthcare assignments?

Although travel assignment length may vary, a standard healthcare travel assignment is 13 weeks. This time frame provides ample time to explore your new destination, network, and learn new skills! Browse our healthcare travel jobs now to find your first or next job today.

Can I take a travel assignment close to home?

To align with our company policy, assignments that are under 50 miles from your permanent tax residence are considered “local” assignments. If hospitals accept “local” travelers, their pay is all taxable and stipends will not be provided. However, if you plan on traveling 50 miles or more, you’ll be able to take advantage of stipends. Your Recruiter will be able to confirm this information with you if you have additional questions.

How much do healthcare travelers get paid?

Your pay package will vary based on job duties, shift, location, facility, and relevant work experience. If you’re looking at websites and job boards that promote weekly pay, be sure to note if the pay listed is before or after taxes and includes or excludes travel and housing stipends. These variables affect what your take-home pay could be and could potentially vary from the salary promoted on the job posting.

How frequently will I be paid?

Our healthcare travelers submit timecards and are paid at the end of every week!

Are there any cons to traveling as a healthcare worker?

As a traveler, you may experience an adjustment period as you get to know your new destination, jobs, co-workers, and more. If you are feeling uneasy, your Recruiter will be by your side throughout your entire assignment.

Is there a fee for using a healthcare staffing agency?

Nope! As a traveler, you do not pay a fee to secure an assignment. Fees are covered by the facilities.

Do you have any tips for new travelers?

Of course, we want the transition to be as smooth as possible and to ensure that your experience is positive. Check out our article Top 5 Tips for a New Healthcare Traveler for five tips from our long-term travelers.

If I’m an international healthcare worker, can I travel with LRS Healthcare?

No, currently we do not sponsor visas and are unable to work with international healthcare professionals.

Do you offer medical, dental and other benefits to travelers?

Of course! We offer our healthcare travelers beyond-your-basic benefits including affordable medical, dental, and vision insurance, competitive pay, housing stipends, licensure reimbursement, certification reimbursement, 401(k) with employer match, referral bonuses, and 24-hour support.

Do you have a referral bonus?

Yes! Anyone can refer a healthcare professional to LRS Healthcare and earn a $500 referral bonus ($400 LPNs and $300 CNAs) once your referral completes six weeks of their first assignment with us.

Can I travel with my family and/or pets?

Yes to both! We want our healthcare travelers to feel comfortable in their homes away from home. Check out our articles, Traveling with your Pets, The Best Resources for Traveling Pet Owners or The Best Assignment Locations for Family Fun for additional info.

Do you provide housing options for travelers?

Yes, our dedicated Travel Experience team will help you find comfortable, furnished housing or opt to take our generous stipend. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips for securing housing. For additional questions, please reach out to your Recruiter.

Will I be reimbursed for my travel expenses?

Possibly. Be sure to talk with your Recruiter about your reimbursement expectations. Expenses for healthcare travelers are negotiated in your contract.


Current or Previous LRS Travelers

I love my current assignment! How long can I keep extending my contract?

If you want to stay at your current facility and job, you can always request an extension. You can extend for up to 364 days to take advantage of full stipends ask your Account Manager for more details.

What are my options when my travel assignment is over?

We hope you enjoy your healthcare travel assignment and location! Reach out to your recruiter to discuss requesting an extension or work with them to find your next assignment! Explore the benefits of extending your assignment.

Who should I contact for an emergency or urgent question?

If you are a current traveler, your first contact will always be your Account Manager. If you are not a current LRS traveler, call us at (800) 811-0064 or email

I’m unhappy with my current assignment, how can I request an early end?

We get it. Sometimes things just don’t work out. We’d love to help you find something that would be a better fit. Please connect with your Account Manager to explore your options.

Can I get a new Account Manager?

If things aren’t going as well as you’d like, we are happy to set you up with someone else! Please email and we will notify the department manager to reach out to you. You should hear from them within the next business day.

How do I submit my timecard?

Timecards are submitted weekly online through our traveler portal, LRS Connect. Please only submit your timecard using LRS Connect. Please do not submit your timecards through any other means. Any timecards turned into your facility are for billing purposes only and will not be used to process payroll.

How do I log into my LRS Connect account?

You can log in to LRS Connect at any time to upload or update your documents and submit timecards. Login at If you are unable to log in or reset your password, please email your Account Manager directly. Someone will be in touch within the next business day!

Who do I contact for timecard submission issues?

If you have an issue related to uploading your timecard to LRS Connect, please contact your Account Manager and they will assist you and relay information back to the appropriate parties with LRS so we can resolve any issues. Best practice is to upload your timecard as early as possible so if you are experiencing any issues you can contact your Account Manager immediately to resolve to allow you to submit your timecard prior to the Tuesday 4pm CST deadline.

What do I do if I need to edit or fix my timecard?

You’ll be able to edit timesheets in LRS Connect after they’re submitted, and before they’re validated by our timecard team. If our timecard team experiences issues with a timesheet that you’ve submitted, they will reach out. If you have a correction and your timecard has already been validated your next step is to upload it as a support document in Connect, and leave a comment explaining the additional document.  Our timecard team will review and process any pay adjustments needed.

How do I know my timecard has been submitted correctly to ensure I get paid on time?

The first step is to always check the dates you have selected in Connect to ensure you have entered your time on the correct work week.  If your time/shifts were entered under the wrong work week you risk not being paid properly.  Then always be sure to hit “Submit” after you review all your shifts for accuracy, upload any support docs, and leave your comments about your work week. If you do not see a pop-up window stating “Timesheet Submitted,” please review your work week again and if it is not noted your timesheet has been submitted or in review you will need to click through your timesheet steps to click on that “Submit” button again.

Can I upload other documents related to pay? Yes, but only documents that support your timesheet.  Please upload any support documents to correct work week in Connect under the “Add Support Docs” section.  Any receipts for reimbursements should be uploaded in Connect under the Reimbursement Request Tab.  
When are timecards due each week? Best practice is to upload your timecard as early as possible to avoid any issues.  Your timecard should be submitted through LRS Connect at the end of your last shift for each week and no later than 4pm CST each Tuesday to process your paycheck on time for that Friday.  We have a hard cut off time of Tuesday 4pm CST to process payroll for a Friday Deposit.  Timecards received after Tuesday at 4pm CST will be paid with the following week’s check.
Does the facility need to sign my timecard before processing payment? No, we do not need the facility representative to sign your timecard to process your timecard with payroll.  If you are not able to attain a signature from your facility on your timecard before you submit it by the Tuesday 4pm CST deadline, you are able to upload the facility signed timecard at a later time under the correct work week using the “Add Support Doc” feature in Connect. 
How do I get reimbursed for my receipts? Any receipts for reimbursements should be uploaded in Connect under the Reimbursement Request Tab.  Your receipt must include the following the following information:  Transaction amount showing it was paid, name of the vendor or place transaction took place, date of transaction, nature of expense, receipts must be clear and legible, must be a business-related expense.  
How do I log into my UKG account? Here is the link to access UKG: You will be able to access your paystubs, benefits, and anything else you may need. If you’re interested in setting up benefits, please contact your Account Manager. If your UKG access has expired because it has been 30 days after your completed assignment, please contact your Account Manager or email Someone will be in touch within the next business day!
Who do I contact if I have an HR-related question?

Please direct any HR questions to and someone will reach out within the next business day!

When does my employee insurance coverage begin?

Effective January 1, 2023, elected coverages will begin immediately upon employment start date. For all employees hired prior to January 1, 2023, the waiting period for coverage is 1st of the month following employment start date.

When does my insurance coverage end? Coverage for all elected benefits will terminate same day as the contract end date.
Will my insurance coverage remain active if I have time off between contracts?

For rehired employees, there will be no lapse in coverage if a new contract is received before your current contract end date, and the gap between the current contract end date and new contract start date does not exceed 30 days.  Please note, any premiums missed between contracts will be collected in full on your first check after the lapse in employment if taxable income allows.

Without a local primary care doctor, what are the alternative treatment options?

Well360 Virtual Health offers 24/7 access to U.S. board-certified doctors for non-emergent conditions, at a lower cost than in-person visits. It's free for you. Commonly treated conditions include bladder infection, bronchitis, cold/flu, migraines, and more. Register or schedule a virtual appointment at

Where can I access my W-2, paystubs, W-4 and/or direct deposit? You will be able to update your personal employment documents using your UKG account. Visit to log in.
How do I access my paystubs if I am not currently on contract? Please email HR or Payroll
What documents are acceptable for Form I-9 authorization? Form I-9 Acceptable Documents | USCIS
I have moved, where do I update my home (permanent) address? Address updates can be make in LRS Connect by selecting “Tax Home.”
What is the Housing Search Form and where can I find it? The Housing Search Form is a request to receive available housing options for your upcoming assignment. Once you submit the form, our team will reach out. You can find all travel forms in Connect under “Travel Resources” or you can ask your Account Manager to send it to you.
I found housing. How do I book/secure it? You can refer to this resource for next steps in securing housing: Securing-Housing.pdf. All travel resources can be found in Connect.
What options do I have for housing assistance? Please talk with your Account Manager to discuss financial options.
Any tips for activities during a travel assignment? The Traveler Experience team can look into fun events, parks, sightseeing, and other activities based on your specific interests and hobbies.
I'm bringing my pet, what should I be aware of? It is crucial to have precise information about breed/size for animals. Pet fees could apply. Pet costs are typically set by the landlord/property owner and are always subject to change. If your pet is an emotional support animal or an ADA service animal, pet fees may be waived.


Client Facilities

Can you help my facility with staffing? We would love to assist you with your staffing needs! Please submit this form and someone from our Client Management team will be in touch to learn more about your needs and how we can help.
What types of positions do you staff?

We offer travel assignments for nursing, long-term care, cardiopulmonary, imaging, medical laboratory and therapy professionals nationwide.

What type of staffing services does LRS Healthcare provide?

LRS Healthcare can help you with travel/contract staff as well as temp-to-perm, permanent, per diem and managed services solutions. Whether you need short- or long-term support, we are here for you!

Are you Joint Commission Certified? Yes, our staffing services are certified by the Joint Commission.
How do you qualify your employees? Our candidates all go through an extensive 16-point quality evaluation process so you are sure to receive high quality candidates for your facility.