COVID-19 FAQs for LRS Healthcare Travelers



COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates and Requirements for Travel Healthcare Workers

Orders for COVID-19 vaccine mandates are being implemented for healthcare workers nationwide, and vary by facility, specialty, and state. We understand these changes directly affect our travelers, which is why we’re diligently working to identify these requirements as they happen.

Providing the most accurate and timely information on this topic is a priority. If you’re a healthcare traveler and are seeking information or guidance regarding COVID-19 vaccine mandates, please reach out to your recruiter.


Do I have to be vaccinated to be an LRS Healthcare traveler?

    No, the COVID-19 vaccine is not required by LRS Healthcare. However, an increasing number of facilities and states nationwide are requiring proof of vaccination for all healthcare workers who work in their facility. If you are looking or plan to commit to an assignment at one of the facilities that has made this a requirement, you will need to be fully vaccinated before you start.


    What do I do if I am not vaccinated and currently on an assignment at a facility that makes the COVID-19 vaccine a requirement?

      If you are unsure and concerned about your current facility implementing a vaccine mandate, reach out to your LRS Healthcare recruiter for guidance. They can help guide you through the unknown, and if for some reason your assignment is canceled due to your vaccination status, we will help you find a new one ASAP!


      What do I need to do to prove that I have received the COVID-19 vaccine?

        Simply send a copy or image of your vaccination card to your recruiter, and we’ll update your file.

        If I am on (or considering) an assignment at a facility that is implementing a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for their staff, do I need to be fully vaccinated, or can I start if I have only had the first dose (of Pfizer or Moderna)?

          It depends on the facility, and state regulations.


          How long should I wait after getting the first dose before getting the second dose administered?

            For the best results, it is recommended that the second dose is administered 21-28 days after the first dose. However, you should always follow the guidance of your physician or the provider administering the vaccine to you.

            At what point am I considered “fully vaccinated”?

              You are considered “fully vaccinated” 14 days after your final COVID-19 vaccine is administered.

              I have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, but I start my assignment before I will be considered “fully vaccinated.” Can I still start my travel assignment?

                In most cases, yes; however, each facility may have their own policy or regulations that could either prevent or delay your start date.


                Are there any exceptions or exemptions that will allow me to continue working if I choose to not get vaccinated for medical or religious reasons?

                  Some facilities may allow you to request a medical and/or religious accommodation, while other facilities cannot accommodate these requests. If you’re looking into requesting a medical or religious accommodation and are concerned about your standing with the facility to which you are assigned, reach out to your recruiter.


                  Where can I find a list of facilities that currently have or are planning to implement a COVID-19 vaccine mandate?

                    We understand these changes directly affect healthcare professionals, which is why we’re diligently working to identify and keep up with the ever-changing list of mandates being implemented nationwide. For additional guidance and information, it is best to reach out to your recruiter directly.


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